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Academic Planning


The College of Arts & Sciences Advising Mission

We recognize academic advising to be critical to the educational experience and student success.  We value academic advising as a shared responsibility with students.  Advising serves to develop and enrich students' educational plans in ways that are consistent with their personal values, goals, and career paths, preparing them for a lifetime of learning in a global society.    

Planning Tools

The Undergraduate Catalogue lists the degree requirements for a student's program of study.

A degree audit is a tool located on your Seanet account to help you monitor your progress towards degree completion. 

Seanet is the system you will use to register for courses.

  • Undergraduate Catalogue

    The Undergraduate Catalogue is published online each academic year to include important University related information for students.  It includes the requirements of all the majors, minors and certificate programs offered at the University.  Previous catalogues can be accessed by selecting the appropriate year from the drop down menu at the top right. More detailed information about the catalogue can be found here.  

  • Degree Audit

    A degree audit is a web based tool to help students and advisors monitor a student's progress towards degree completion.  The system looks at the degree requirements from the UNCW official catalogue, and any coursework completed and in-progress, to produce an easy-to-read degree audit. The degree audit is divided into block requirements of how courses count toward degree requirements. Checkboxes exist within each block to easily outline what courses and requirements are complete or in-progress.  

    • Degree Works is the degree audit system for students with catalogue years starting in fall 2016.   
    • u.achieve is the degree audit system for students with catalogue years prior to fall 2016.   

     Degree Works and u.achieve FAQ's

    Degree Works How To's:
  • Seanet

    Seanet has many uses and resources for students.  Once logged into the portal, you will see several different tabs at the top.  Highlighted here is some of the information under two of those tabs.  

    Personal Information

    You can change your security settings, update your addresses, emergency contacts and preferred name.

    Student Services & Financial Aid

    •  Registration
      • Check Your Registration Status - check here to make sure your academic and student status permits registration, find your time ticket to register for the following term, see if you have any holds or if a professor has given you an override for a course. 
      • Look up classes to add - before your registration time, you can determine the courses that will be offered in the following term to plan for your advising session
      • Advisor Information - gives you the contact information for your advisor
      • Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes - where you will add/drop/or withdraw from classes during the approved times of the term.  
    • Student Records
      • View grades and unofficial transcript
      • Run a degree audit
      • Apply to graduate
      • Order your transcript
      • Access E-billing and account information
    • Financial Aid
      • Apply for financial aid and scholarships
      • Review status of your applications and loans