Campus Recreation

Outdoor Alerting System

Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Alert System (OAS) will now be active Monday through Friday during business hours in addition to evening hours. This change is in part due to the increased presence of university staff working outdoors at Campus Recreation facilities. The system has been in place for 2 years providing alerts during Campus Recreation programming including the indoor and outdoor pools, Recreational Field Complex, and the Gazebo Recreation Area. There are 2 units on campus, 1 at the Student Recreation Center and 1 at the Recreational Field Complex.


The OAS features an audible horn and visible strobe indicating the presence of lighting in a set range. The system is set to 10 miles to provide time for those outdoors to find a safe waiting area indoors. The horn will sound for 15 seconds indicating lighting is at or inside the 10 mile radius. The strobe will remain activated until the lighting is no longer within in the impacted area and at least a 30 minute time period has elapsed. Once the lightning is outside of the 10 mile radius and 30 minutes has elapsed the strobe will deactivate and the horn will sound 3 times for 5 seconds.


The OAS horn does not mirror the alert sound provided by the Seahawk Warning Siren and no alerts will be shared via email or text.


The link below features the live status of the system. The estimated time to clear will be continually updated if the lightning remains in the 10 mile radius. The Alert status will change from green to red indicating the presence of an alert due to lightning.


Link to OAS Status:


If you have any questions about the system or this message please contact Zach Gilbert at


Want to know more about our NEW Outdoor Alerting System? This video demonstrates Earth Networks lightning detective system.