Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation Guidelines

Please see additional Phase 3.0 Guidelines here.


  • Dress Code
    • In an effort to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all patrons, as well as reduce the risk of bacterial disease transmission, further mitigate risk, and prolong the life of exercise equipment, UNCW Campus Recreation has a dress code policy. Patrons that do not meet the dress code policy will be given the option to change or offered a Campus Recreation tee shirt to be checked out during the duration of their visit. Failure to adhere to these standards could result in the denial of entry into the SRC or the removal from the facility.
    • Such a provision in a dress code aligns with best practices for campus recreation, as evident by the list of multiple schools' dress code guidelines (link below). Furthermore, studies have shown personal hygiene, cleaning equipment, and wearing correct exercise clothing to reduce skin to equipment contact is important when reducing the risks of skin infections and increasing the longevity of exercise equipment.

    • Click here for a document that has been compiled of other Colleges and Universities with applicable dress code guidelines.

    • DISCLAIMER: Illustrations displayed below are ONLY to be used as a reference to have an idea of what is appropriate and what is not.


    inappropriate shirts

    Appropriate attire

    Identified as Appropriate for Campus Recreation

    • Upper Body Wear
      • Shirts should cover your chest, back, and torso (includes midriff and sides).
    • Lower Body Wear
      • Clothing without rivets, metal, or exposed zippers.
    • Footwear
      • Closed-toe, closed-heel, and non-marking athletic shoes that cover the entire foot.
      • In some Group Fitness formats participants may be asked to remove footwear for the safety of the participant (Yoga, Pilates, etc).

    Identified as Appropriate for Indoor Pool, Leisure Pool & Patio Deck

    • Appropriate swimming apparel of acceptable material and design is required for all patrons in the pool area. Clothing such as street clothes, street shoes, cut-offs, gym shorts, thongs, and underwear are prohibited. Swimwear should not have been worn for exercising immediately prior to pool use as soiled clothing can create an unhealthy swimming environment.
    • T-shirts (including those for modesty or sun protection) are not permitted. Rashguards, which are more tight-fitting, designed for in-water use, and which offer protection from the sun, will be permitted.
    • Large or loose jewelry is not permitted. Lifeguards must approve of any questionable jewelry.

    Identified as Appropriate for Competitive Sports

  • Group Fitness Class
    • For safety, participants will not be admitted into class after the warm-up has been completed.*
      • *Mind/Body classes: To ensure a pleasant experience for all participants, once a class has begun, no one will be admitted. Please arrive early!
    • In order to ensure the safety of participants, class size is limited depending on class type and equipment used. Please refer to the class capacity list.
    • If you have any injuries or need a modification for an exercise, please talk to your instructor before class begins and let them know of any restrictions. They will be glad to assist you.
    • Appropriate group fitness clothing and footwear is required. Street clothes such as jeans, khakis, dress pants, or anything with zippers, buttons, or belts are prohibited.
    • No gum, food, or beverages are allowed, except for water in a sealable plastic container.
    • Participants 16 years and older may use Group Fitness.
    • Only authorized Seahawk Fitness Team Members are trained to use the audiovisual system in the studios.
    • Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please secure your personal belongings in a locker prior to exercising.
    • Participants are encouraged to regularly monitor their own workout intensity and take water breaks frequently.
    • For your safety, please refrain from using your cell phone once class begins, please also set to silent.
    • Please show respect to your instructor and fellow participants.
    • The instructor reserves the right to ask a participant to leave should these policies not be followed.
  • Cycling Studio RM 223
    • Water bottles and towels are recommended for cycling classes.
    • Cycling classes are limited to 21 participants using the Keiser M3+ Cycles.
    • Keiser M3+ Cycles come with SPD cycling shoe clips. Cycling shoes are not provided but you may use your own.
    • To offer ADA compliance, two additional Matrix Krank (arm ergometers) Cycles are also available. Please see the instructor to set up the Krank Cycles.
    • Wipe down bikes after use.
    • If you are a first time participant please arrive early and ask the instructor for assistance in setting up your cycle.
  • Fitness Center
    • Participants 16 years and older may use the Fitness Center.
    • Participants must have a towel and wipe down equipment after use.
    • Outside Personal Training is prohibited.
    • Fitness Center equipment, including dumbbells, slam balls, etc., are not permitted outside of the Fitness Center unless supervised by a Personal Trainer.
    • Campus Recreation Staff reserves the right to stop equipment misuse to prevent injury and/or preserve the life of the equipment, if they determine a piece of equipment is not being used appropriately.
    • Participants may not use walls as throwing rebounders.
    • Collars are required for all barbell lifts.
    • No slamming or dropping of weights.
    • Spotters and weight belts are recommended. Weight belts can be checked out at the Fitness Center Desk.
    • Participants should return all weights to racks.
  • Personal Belongings
    • Due to limited floor space as well as to prevent an unnecessary tripping hazard and keep walkways clear for emergencies participants should store personal belongings such as, bags, backpacks, etc. in one of the provided cubbies located throughout the facility or day lockers located in both the general and pool locker rooms (locks may be checked out at the Member Services Desk).
    • Participants utilizing court areas may place belongings along the walls, on the bleachers or in the team boxes of the MAC Gym. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Locker Room(s)
    • The Department of Campus Recreation and its staff are not responsible for personal belongings. Please secure all belongings while in the SRC as we cannot ensure the safety of any items that are not properly secured during your visit.
    • Daily use lockers and wallet lockers are available at no charge.
    • Lockers are located in both men’s and women’s general and pool locker rooms. Locks are available for checkout at the Member Services Desk.
    • Locks are for use during stay in SRC only. Personal locks will be cut off and the contents of the locker removed at the end of each day. Any items removed from a lockers (including wallet lockers) will be inventoried and placed with the Assistant Director – Informal Recreation. Please call 910.962.7443 to verify.
    • All items not claimed within a week will be sent to a local charity (i.e. Goodwill or the Salvation Army).
  • Lost and Found
    • The SRC staff will keep all non-valuables in Member Services storage for a minimum of two weeks. After those two weeks, the items will be washed and donated to a local charity (i.e. Goodwill or the Salvation Army).
    • Valuables will be kept for one semester in the locked cabinet in Member Services storage and then transferred to the appropriate campus department (Campus Police, Lock Shop, Etc...).
    • If you feel you have lost something contact the member services desk at 910.962.3261 to verify.
  • Facility and Field Complex Access
  • Food and Drink
    1. No gum, food or drink other than water is allowed in any activity area. Exception: Food and drinks are allowed at the Outdoor Leisure Pool.
    2. Water must be in an approved plastic, sealable container (32 oz. maximum).
  • Photo/Video
    • No photography or videography is permitted without permission from the Director of Campus Recreation. Please contact 910.962.7443.
  • Check Out Equipment & Usage
    • Members or Alumni (including Alumni sponsoring themselves as a guest) may check out available equipment from the Member Services Desk and/or Fitness Center Desk. Climbing equipment is available for check out during Top-Rope Climbing Hours at the Climbing Wall Desk.
    • Sponsors must check out equipment for their guest(s).
    • All equipment must be returned in the same condition it was checked out.
    • Members will be charged for damaged or lost equipment.
    • No grasping or hanging on basketball rims or nets.
    • Only Campus Recreation issued indoor soccer balls may be used in the MAC Gym.
    • Indoor Soccer may only be played in the MAC Gym.
    • Participants may request Volleyball and Badminton/Pickleball nets to be setup. The primary location for this is Court 4.
  • Aquatic Facilities

    The following rules and regulations have been established for the benefit of all users of the swimming facilities to ensure the safe operation of the pools and to provide enjoyable recreational opportunities for all. Guests are requested to cooperate in observing these rules and to obey the instructions of the Aquatics Staff. Guests violating rules are subject to the revocation of their swimming privileges.

    General Guidelines & Behavior:

    • No one may enter the swimming area unless the pool is officially open and aquatic staff members are present.
    • During inclement weather (Ex: thunderstorms), the pool will close and may not re-open for 30 minutes after the last observation of thunder and/or lightning. Guests must vacate the outdoor pool and deck area and seek shelter inside the SRC. The SRC utilizes the Earth Network Lightning Detection system which will alert users when lighting is detected in the area and provides an “All Clear” alert when the inclement weather has moved out of the area and it may be possible to reopen the pool(s).
    • Diving is prohibited in any area of the Lap Pool that is less than 5 feet deep. Backwards entries, twists, and flips are prohibited
    • Diving is prohibited in the outdoor Leisure Pool.
    • Horseplay is not tolerated. Running, pushing, dunking, water fighting, wrestling, jumping without caution, abuse, inappropriate language, or any other behavior that can jeopardize the safety and health of others is not permitted.
    • Horseplay such as running, pushing, dunking, water fighting, wrestling, jumping without caution, abuse, or inappropriate language is prohibited.
    • Spitting, spouting of water, blowing nose, urinating and/or defecating are prohibited in the pool area.
    • Prolonged underwater swimming is prohibited.
    • Only Department of Campus Recreation swim lessons are permitted in the pool area.
    • Any injury occurring in the pool must be reported to a lifeguard or pool supervisor immediately.
    • Children 6 years of age or older must change in the gender appropriate locker room. Family Locker Rooms are available.
    • A cleansing shower must be taken before entering the pool.
    • Personal items and bags are to be stored securely in the locker room. No items may be left on the inside pool deck.
    • Gum chewing is not permitted anywhere in the pool area.
    • Glass containers, alcoholic beverages, drugs, and pets are not permitted. Service animals are permitted in the pool area but not in the pool itself.
    • Children should not use the swimming pool without adult supervision.
    • Adults should not swim alone.
    • Patrons suspected to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted in the pool area and will be removed from the premises.
    • The use of starting blocks is restricted to approved instructional programs and training.
    • Appropriate swimming apparel of acceptable material and design is required.
    • Lap Lanes are reserved for those persons wishing to swim laps undisturbed. Swimmers must enter the lap pool from the ends of the lanes only. Please inform others that you are entering the lane. Always swim complete laps of the pool, please stop only at turning walls and move to the side to allow others to turn and continue. Once lap swimming is complete, please exit your lane so others may enter.
    • Lap lanes are intended for multiple swimmers. Lap swimmers are encouraged to share lanes with others at a similar pace and select an appropriate lap swimming pattern such as circle swimming (counterclockwise near the lane markers and pass in the middle, stay to the right). It is not uncommon to swim four or more people to a lane if a similar pace is used. Lap swimmers may be asked by aquatics staff to move to another lane to more closely match swimming pace. Please comply as this will make everyone's swim more enjoyable.
    • Hanging on the lane lines and swimming through lap lanes is prohibited. Patrons who repeatedly disrupt lap swimmers will be asked to leave.
    • Kickboards, pull buoys, dumbbells, flotation belts, and noodles are used for exercise only, children may only use US Coast Guard approved flotation devices provided by the aquatics staff and must remain within arm's length from an adult in the water at all times.
    • Inner tubes, inflatable boats and rafts, or inflatable bathing suits are only permitted in the pool during designated times.
    • Coast Guard approved and labeled lifejackets may be worn. Water wings ("swimmies") may not be worn. Back floats, bubbles, rings (including those built into bathing suits) or one-sided floatation devices are prohibited.
    • Face masks, snorkels, fins, and SCUBA equipment may not be used except during approved instructional programs. Goggles are permitted.
    • Headphones/ear buds must be worn when listening to musical entertainment devices.

    Age & Health/Safety Restrictions:

    • Aquatics staff reserves the right to require patrons to demonstrate swimming ability by asking them to perform a swim test.
    • Swim 25 yards (75 feet) non-stop using front crawl ("Freestyle")
    • Body must be horizontal
    • Flutter kick required: no bent knees or "bicycle" kick
    • Face in water; Rhythmic breathing to front or side
    • Over water arm recovery (No dog paddle)
    • Jump into deep water, surface unassisted, tread water for one minute in a vertical position with mouth above water line
    • Exit from pool unassisted
    • Any person having an open sore, inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, communicable disease, or who is wearing any kind of bandage to cover an open (unhealed) wound will not be permitted in the pool. No band-aids or casts may be worn into the pools.
    • Infants/children who are not toilet trained and adults who are incontinent, who wish to enter any pool, must wear a disposable swim diaper covered by separate rubber/vinyl pants, all of which must fit snugly around the legs and waist. If the diaper becomes soiled, this person must exit the pool immediately and may not return until he/she has taken or been given a soap shower and has been covered by a new disposable swim diaper with clean rubber/vinyl pants. A fecal accident in the pool requires a shutdown of a minimum of 30 minutes for cleaning and sanitation.
    • Children 7 years of age and younger must be accompanied in the water by a parent or guardian.
    • Anyone 14 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian poolside at all times.
    • Campus Recreation Staff, or designee, have final authority and full discretion on all offenses and/or occurrences not directly addressed in the preceding rules and regulations

    Outdoor Pool:

    • All policies listed above apply to the Outdoor Leisure Pool area.
    • Season: April to September 30
    • Food and drink (in non-glass re-sealable containers) is permitted in this area.
    • During storms, the Outdoor Pool will be closed and the entire area cleared of patrons at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
    • During periods of cool weather, the Outdoor Pool will not open when the air temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit the pool will stay open at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
    • The use of tobacco products and E-Cigarettes is prohibited.
  • Climbing Wall & Challenge Course

    Climbing Wall

    • Before bouldering, climbing or belaying participants must remove all jewelry, tie back long hair, secure eye glasses, removed all objects from pockets, tuck in, secure (tape) or remove all loose clothing, strings, straps, etc.
    • A shirt must be worn at all times within the Climbing Wall Area.
    • For health reasons, no barefoot climbing or bouldering is allowed and shoes must be worn at all times. Only climbing shoes, athletic shoes, or tennis shoes are to be worn in the Climbing Wall Area. Flip-flops, shoes secured with straps, mules/clogs (shoes worn like mules/clogs), open-toed / open heeled shoes or shoes with high-heels are not permitted.
    • Horseplay or dangerous behavior at the climbing wall is not allowed for safety reasons. A Campus Recreation staff member should be notified immediately if distracting or dangerous behaviors are or were occurring.
    • Personal gear of a participant (i.e. harness, shoes, and chalk bag) may be used in the case it is deemed functional and safe by a climbing wall supervisor, with the exception of belay devices. All other personal items such as backpacks, jackets and street shoes must be kept clear of the main climbing area and against the glass doors. Locks are available at the Member Services Desk if participants wish to store items safely in the locker rooms.
    • Cellular phones are prohibited in the climbing wall area.
    • Chalk bags may be used by climbing wall participants. Participants may bring their own chalk bags provided the bags do not contain loose or colored chalk. Chalk must be in socks and chalk socks must remain in the chalk bag at all times. Loose and colored chalk is prohibited at the climbing wall.
    • The adjustment or rearrangement of holds by non-Adventure Team Members is prohibited.

    Climbing Wall [Bouldering Specific]

    • Allowed during open facility hours except during Top-Rope Climbing Hours.
    • Climbers must sign in at the Facility Services Desk and receive a wristband.
    • Climbers must remain below the net. Climbers should not reach through the net, around the net or hang on the net.

    Climbing Wall [Top Rope Specific]

    • Prior to top-rope climbing each participant must complete a climbing card and related paperwork. Any participant wishing to belay must have completed an Adventure Recreation Belay Clinic.
    • Helmets are not required to be worn by participants over the age of 18 while climbing, it is recommended that all climbers wear a helmet. Participants who choose not to wear a helmet must sign a helmet waiver.
    • Climbing Wall Staff (or any Campus Recreation Staff Member) has the right to deny Climbing Wall access to any individual that they consider to be a safety risk to themselves or others.
    • Limitations on Climbing Time
      • If the wall is busy, there is a 20-minute time limit per rope. After 20 minutes, the climber should be lowered to allow a new team to use the belay station.
      • If the wall is not busy, belayers will dictate the safe length of time for climbing. If a belayer should become fatigued, they should request that the climber return to the ground.
      • If the 15 participant maximum is reached and a line forms, climbers who have been signed in for over 2 hours will be asked to give way for those waiting.
    • After each tie-in, please notify a climbing wall supervisor that you are ready to climb so that they may visually inspect life support systems for accuracy. Please do not begin commands or climbing until a climbing wall supervisor has given you approval to proceed. This protocol will need to occur every time participants tie themselves in or set themselves up to belay.
    • The belayer’s attention should be focused on the climber at all times. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of belaying privileges for one week on the first offense and one month on the second offense. Any further incidents will result in the suspension of belaying privileges for one year.
      • Conversations (besides those between the climber and the belayer) should be held outside the main climbing area. No belayer should ever be involved in a conversation with anyone but the climber while actively on belay. This is grounds for loss of belaying privileges.
    • A climber may start on a route when they will not interfere with other climbers and when there is not someone on an adjacent rope. Climbers should stay in-line with their belay anchor and are not allowed to climb over or below others. Climbers are not allowed to climb above their top-rope anchor point.
    • Climbers should not climb faster than their belayer’s ability to keep the belay rope secure.

    Challenge Course

    • All use of the Challenge Course MUST be in conjunction with Adventure Recreation programming. Any other use would be considered trespassing and is not allowed.
  • Recreational Fields Complex
    • Primary use of facility is for Competitive Sports Programming but free play is allowed when there are no scheduled activities. UNCW students, faculty and staff and their guests only (who have purchased a day pass) are permitted to use the facility.
    • Facility is only supervised during Competitive Sports programming (Intramural Sports and Sport Club events) or approved reservations only.
    • Proper recreational clothing and footwear should be worn when participating in physical activities or as required by Campus Recreation guidelines or Sport Club governing associations.
    • Guests and minors must be supervised/accompanied by his/her sponsor at all times.
    • Pets are NOT allowed.
    • No outside catering allowed without prior University and Campus Recreation approval.
  • Gazebo Recreation Complex
    • Use of facility is for UNCW students, faculty and staff and their guests (who have purchased a day pass) only.
    • Any event (other than Campus Recreation programming) that will have non-University members participating must be pre-approved by Campus Recreation with the proper rental contracts completed and proof of insurance on file.
    • Facility is only supervised Monday – Friday 5-9 pm and during approved reservations.
    • Note: Any department, student organization, or non-university event occurring at the Gazebo Recreation Complex will be required to pay $12/hr. for event supervision. Any event requiring UPD coverage will be charged per staff member provided by UPD.
    • Proper recreational clothing and footwear should be worn when participating in physical activities or as required by Campus Recreation policies or Sport Club governing associations.
    • Guests and minors must be supervised/accompanied by his/her sponsor at all times.
    • Pets are allowed as long as all applicable local laws or University Policies are followed.
    • Court spaces should be used for the designated activity only. No roller blades, roller skates or skate boards allowed.
    • No outside catering allowed without prior University and Campus Recreation approval.
  • Outdoor Weather Alerting System

    Want to know more about our NEW Outdoor Alerting System? This video demonstrates Earth Networks lightning detective system.