Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation COVID-19 

Phase 2 Re-Opening FAQ's  

Updated 8/17/2020  

  • Changes to Accessing the Student Rec Center

    How do I access the SRC?

    How do I register for a time slot to use the Student Recreation Center?  

    1. Open  from your device
    2. If this is the first time you have accessed the registration module, you will need to click the “Create Account” link at the top-right of the page. Otherwise, enter the username and password you have already created and skip to step 4.
    3. After “Create Account,” you will be prompted to enter login information and personal information.  
      • Login Information: You MUST use your email address and password in order to register.
    4. Once you have successfully logged in, you will automatically be taken to your personal “Home Page” which will show your active and past activities.
    5. Select the tab that corresponds to your desired activity
        • Intramural Sports
        • SRC: Pool & Group Fitness
        • Sport Clubs
    6. Select your activity and complete the registration prompts
      • Note: some activities may require an electronic waiver/consent to participate

    If you have any questions or issues registering, please contact  

    When can I register for a time to utilize the Student Recreation Center? 

    Reservations will open at 12:00 p.m., a day and a half earlier (36 hours)  
    Example : Registration for Sunday, Aug. 16 would open on Friday, Aug. 14 at 12:00 p.m.

    Is there a limit to how many times I can reserve a spot to  utilize the building ?  

    Yes. Each patron may reserve two 50 min time slots per day.  Ppatrons are discouraged from signing up for back to back sessions,  as they will be required to exit the facility and check back in for the start of their next reservation due to mandatory cleaning. This will be evaluated and adjustments may occur depending on needs and usage patterns.  

    Why did you make the reservation times 50 min?  

    After careful analysis we determined that having shorter time intervals would allow us to provide more opportunity for more patrons.  

    What are the hours of operation for the SRC?  

    The hours have been modified to allow extra time to disinfect and maintain the facilities. The hours for each area may be viewed Hours of Operation page:  

    Will I be able to bring guests?  

    To provide as many opportunities for our UNCW Students, Faculty, and Staff we are suspending guest passes until further notice. This suspension includes bring family/dependents during family hours.

    Who has access and what memberships are being offered?  

    UNCW students are members of the SRC during sessions in which they are enrolled. Alumni and spouse / partner memberships are currently suspended until further notice.  If you have a question about memberships please visit our memberships page:

    How do I enter the SRC ?  

    Patrons will enter through the  main Student Recreation Center courtyard and follow appropriate enter/exit signage.  Patrons will be able to maintain physical distancing while waiting to check in at the registration table and may check in up to 15 minutes prior to the registration start time. Please provide the Campus Recreation team member with your UNCW  OneCard . Once checked in, you will proceed to swipe your  OneCard  through the turnstiles and be directed to an area specific staging location until the start of your registration time. A team member will direct you to the appropriate space within the SRC once your registration time begins.  

    How will I know when I need to leave the building?  

    At the end of the registration time, a team member will make announcement to indicate time left in your registration. We ask that when the registration time is up, you quickly exit the SRC to allow us time for a mandatory cleaning period.   


    • General

      What are the hours of operation for the SRC?  

      The hours have been modified to allow extra time to disinfect and maintain the facilities. The hours for each area may be viewed Hours of Operation page:

      Will I be required to wear a face covering in the Student Recreation Center?  

      When exercising, working out, or participating in free play at  a Campus Recreation facility (i.e. SRC, Rec Field Complex, Gazebo Field Complex, Challenge Course), face coverings are highly recommended but are not required. However, face coverings are required when entering/exiting the facility, moving through the facility or waiting in a staging line, while using the restroom/lockerrooms, and interacting with campus recreation team members.

      How will the equipment be disinfected?  

      UNCW Campus Recreation is using a combination of approved cleaning products to disinfect the various surfaces throughout our facilities. In  addition we will have gym wipes available for users to self-clean before, during, and after their workouts.  

      Who do I contact if I have questions?  

      The member services desk number is: 910.962.3261. The main office number is 910.962.7443. For email or feel free to use our directory:

      What do I do if I don't feel well?   

      Refer to the "Best for the Nest" resource .    

      Will I be able to check out sports and fitness equipment to use?  

      Many check out items  are able to  be used and disinfected between users however, some strength equipment could not be and have been removed. Ask a Campus Rec staff member if you are having trouble finding the equipment you are looking for.  Fitness equipment will be available at the fitness center desk and for check out at the Rec Fields during open hours.   

      Will I be able to get water while working out?  

      All water bottle filling stations will be active however, water fountains (drinking directly from the fountain) will be disabled.  There are vending machine in the lobby however, only water is permitted through the turnstiles.  

      Will Campus Recreation have towels available?

      Yes, both small and large towels will be available.

      Will I be able to use the locker room?  

      Patrons are encouraged to come dressed to participate and change/shower back in their residence.  For those situations in which that is not an option,  locker room use is permitted but physical distancing is required at all times .  

      Are lockers, cubbies, and wallet lockers available?  

      Yes, there will be a limited number of lockers and cubbies due to physical distancing requirements available for patron use.

      No personal locks will be permitted and patrons are required to check out a key at the member services desk for all lockers.  These are located throughout the facility in the main locker room, pool locker rooms and pool hall.

      Cubbies determined to be unavailable and offline will be noted with a sign.

      Wallet lockers will be available for use and we encourage patrons to disinfect before and after use.  

      How do I access the overflow seating in the MAC Gym for food services?  

      Students can access the southeast entry (across from Schwartz Hall) of the Student Recreation Center Monday-Thursday from 11am-5pm for additional seating in the MAC Gym. A food truck will be located on Price Drive near the main entrance to the SRC from 11am – 2pm (near Teaching Lab and Veteran’s Hall).  Students do not need to register for a time to eat and access will not be controlled by the SRC Turnstile.  However, seating is first come first serve and has a max capacity of 24.    


      • Fitness

        What fitness equipment will be available for check-out?

        To ensure the health and safety of participants, the following equipment will not be available for check-out: dip belts, weightlifting belts, foam pads, soft foam rollers, boxing gloves, lifting wraps, and bar pads. You may still check out: jump ropes, resistance bands, loop bands, foam rollers, and ab rollers. TRX straps, superfunctional straps, and yoga mats are also now available for check-out.  Fitness equipment check out will be available at the fitness center desk and during open hours at the Recreational Fields Complex.

        Will spotting still be permitted in the Fitness Center?

        Fitness staff will not be able to offer a spot, participants should work under their maximum effort.  

        Why has the Group Fitness schedule be reduced and why are classes shorter?

        Due to changes in spaces and capacity, we limited our offerings to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19. Classes are shorter and at different timeframe's to align with the reservation times of the facility.

        Note: Until additional guidance permits all group fitness classes are virtual. For offerings and more details visit our group fitness page.

        Am I allowed to work out with my friend(s)  

        You may enter/register with your friends/roommates/etc. however we ask that patrons maintain minimum of 6 feet apart from others with recommendations for 12 feet based on how our equipment is laid out. You may still talk with the individual, but for safety, we ask that you maintain distance amongst each other and not share equipment.   

        Do I have to reserve a space in a Group Fitness class?

        Yes. All classes will be open for registration on IMLeagues. Each participant must reserve their spot ahead of time, and reservations are first come, first serve.

        Am I able to bring my own fitness accessories ( i.e  yoga mats, boxing gloves, etc.) to the SRC?  

        Yes, you may bring your own fitness accessories to the SRC. We ask that you clean it upon entering the facilities. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  

        Where do I place used free weights and other equipment throughout the Fitness Center after use?

        To ensure that each piece of free weight and accessory equipment is properly disinfected and sanitized between uses, please use the designated "return" or "used equipment" areas in each space after use. For equipment checked out from the Fitness Center desk, please return to the used equipment bin at the Fitness Center desk. 

        If I choose to wear my face covering while exercising, are there limitations to my workout?

        For health and safety reasons, we encourage those exercising in a face covering to work below their maximal effort and to work at a low to moderate intensity level.


        • Aquatics

          Is the Leisure Pool and Patio Deck still open?

          The Leisure Pool and Patio Deck will be open through September 30th and will require a reservation.  Measures are in place to support physical distancing including lounge chair placement six feet apart, and limited capacities on deck and in water. Face coverings must be worn anytime you are not in your lounge chair or in the water.

          Will I be sharing a lane while lap swimming?

          No, we will only be allowing one participant per lane at this time.

          How does inclement weather affect my pool reservation?

          In case of inclement weather where we must close the indoor and leisure pool, we will not be able to extend past your reservation time. The aquatics staff will work with you to find the next available time to register.

          How do I know when my lap swim or leisure pool and deck reservation  is over?

          We will be using a whistle system to alert swimmers at the end of the reservation period: two short blasts to signal a 5-minute warning and one long blast to signal the end of your reservation period.


          • Competitive Sports

            Will Intramural Sports (IM Sports) be offered this semester?

            IM Sports will be offered this semester with an emphasis on non-contact activities. Flag Football, soccer, and sand volleyball will not be offered this semester due to COVID-19 restrictions.

            Will Sport Clubs be offered this semester?

            Sport Club Council organizations (Sport Clubs) will be allowed to practice pending approval by the Campus Health & Safety Committee and the lifting of existing restrictions. Sport Clubs will be allowed to meet, fundraise, and plan for spring activity with restricted occupancy or use of virtual meetings and appropriate social distancing.


            • Recreation & Gazebo Field Complex

              Are the Recreational Fields open ?

              Yes the fields are open for non-contact free play as well as limited fitness offerings – see our hours of operation.   

              What is the face covering policy for the Rec Fields?

              Face coverings are required when entering/exiting the facility, using the restrooms, moving about and interacting with staff.  You may remove your face coverings during play.  

              How will equipment be cleaned:

              All shared equipment and high use areas will be cleaned with approved disinfectants. Equipment will be cleaned once it is returned/used and high use areas will be cleaned every hour.  

              Can I play an activity with shared equipment (frisbee, catch, soccer, etc .):

              Limited quantities of equipment will be available for checkout  such as: kickballs, soccer balls, footballs, frisbees, cornhole, KanJam©, Giant Jenga®, and bocci.  

              Fitness equipment is also available for check out such as kettlebells, resistance bands, loop bands, dynamax balls, yoga mats, ladders and jump ropes.  Participants may bring their own equipment provided it is allowable in the complex (no golf; no drones, etc.)  


              Gazebo Complex

              Is the Gazebo Complex open?

              The Gazebo Complex is temporarily closed due to impacts from construction in the area. We anticipate reopening the field at the complex once we are able to do so safely.  

              Note: The tennis courts are offline and will remain offline due to a university construction project.

              Why are the basketball and sand volleyball courts closed:

              The courts remain closed under the Phase 2 regulations.  We encourage patrons to use our other available offerings.   

              What is the face covering policy for the  Gazebo?

              Face coverings are required when entering/exiting the facility, using the restrooms, moving about and interacting with staff. You may remove your face coverings during play. 


              • Adventure

                Seahawk Adventure - Challenge Course 

                Can off campus groups come to the course?  

                Due to existing COVID related guidelines we are limiting our programming to on campus groups. When this changes, we will announce it on our website and social media.  

                How are you cleaning for the COVID-19?  

                Each piece of gear has been considered for various cleaning techniques. Depending on what it is made of, some items will be sprayed and wiped with a disinfectant between uses, some will be sprayed and  allowed  to dry before used again, some will be washed in our industrial washing machine before reused, and some will be used once and set aside for the recommended 72 hours of the virus lifespan before added back into rotation. Other surfaces in our storage area (such as the doors, counters, pens, walls, etc) will also be cleaned at the beginning and ending of each program. Additionally, all of our outdoor elements are exposed to natural UV rays that assist with these cleanings.

                What do I need to bring?  

                Your face covering; all participants will be required to wear their face covering while on the challenge course. If the program is moved indoors, face coverings will be required to enter the facility.   Gloves are optional. Appropriate clothing and footwear are necessary, and a personal water bottle is recommended. Please do not bring extra personal items unless necessary for you as an individual (i.e., medications, snacks, cell phone...)  

                How do I schedule a program?  

                You can contact our program coordinator, Ali Scott via email ( or calling her office (910-962-2070). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out and she will be more than happy to assist in any way possible.   

                What programs are still available for my group?  

                We would be happy to schedule a low ropes program with your team, but our high ropes programs will be temporarily suspended until further notice. This is due to the nature of the programming and difficulties with social distancing/sanitization on our high course. We do not have virtual programs in place at this time, but we are looking into options for the future. 

                Seahawk Adventure - Equipment Rentals  

                Is Seahawk Adventures open for Equipment Rentals?  

                Yes! We are open for equipment rentals by appointment only. You can find more information on our adventure website.

                What gear is available to rent?  

                All of our regular gear offerings are available for rentals, including tents, sleeping bags, surf boards, kayaks, and more! Equipment is rented on a first-come, first-served basis.   

                When are you open for rentals?  

                We will be open on Mondays and Fridays from 10AM-6PM for pick-ups and drop-offs. All rental pick-ups and drop-offs are by appointment only.    

                How does Curbside Pick-up work?  

                After you reserve your gear through our online store, you will receive a link to our calendar where you will reserve a pick-up and drop-off appointment. Once that is confirmed, you will drive to the Seahawk Adventures office at your appointed time for pick-up and park in the designated area. face coverings are required.  You will wait in your car for our staff to assist you. Once you sign an Equipment Rentals Agreement on an iPad, which is disinfected between each use, you will pop your trunk and our staff will load your camping equipment into your vehicle. You remain inside your vehicle at all times unless you have reserved watercraft, in which case our staff will guide you through how to load the boat or board onto your vehicle.   

                How do I return my rented gear?  

                After you have registered for a drop-off appointment, you will drive to Seahawk Adventures at the confirmed time. For all gear except for watercraft, you will return to a designated bin that will be placed outside the Seahawk Adventures office where you picked-up your equipment. For watercraft, you will unload the boat or board and our staff will direct you on where to place them for the cleaning process. face coverings are required. 

                How is  all of  the gear cleaned?  

                Our gear is disinfected after each use and the process varies depending on the material of the equipment. Some gear is dunked into a solution while others, like our kayaks, will be sprayed with an electrostatic sprayer and disinfected that way.   

                What if I have questions about the process or have a specific concern?  

                You can email our office at  with all of your questions and we will do our best to help you!  

                Seahawk Adventure - Trips  

                Who is allowed to sign-up for trips?  

                At this time, our trips are only open to UNCW students, faculty, and staff. No guests are allowed to participate in our trips.   

                Are Trips happening during Phase 2?  

                Yes! We are happy to offer land-based trips  at this time. Please refer to our calendar on our website for current dates and information about our trips.  

                What trips are available during Phase 2?  

                We will be offering local, half-day hikes around the Wilmington area during the extended Phase 2. Face coverings and closed-toe shoes are required. We will be offering a yoga hike and a service hike in addition to our regular adventures. You can find more information on WaveLink and on our adventure website.  

                Why aren't you offering water-based trips?  

                We are currently offering land-based trips only because they are the safest and easiest to manage in regards to social distancing and face covering use. When on the water, it is more difficult to regulate face covering use and to social distance, especially if someone takes an accidental swim and needs help getting back into their boat. We are hoping to offer water-based trips in the future!  

                What new policies are in place  in light of  COVID-19?  

                Face coverings are required  at all times  except when the group is socially distanced at a minimum of 6ft and/or actually hiking. We are still able to provide  transportation, but  have reduced group sizes and the number of people in vehicles at a time. We are also only offering half day trips to reduce travel times and to remove any meals from our trip offerings. Our vans will be disinfected after each use as well as any other gear used during trips. Groups will meet outside and will not have access to the Seahawk Adventures office or the SRC.   

                Are Custom Trips still available  at this time ?  

                As long as staff are available we are able to accommodate Custom Trips. The general trip policies do apply including our face covering requirement and group size limitations. Email Gina DeMattei at for more information about Custom Trips.