Campus Life

Campus Life Student Staff Positions

  • Manager: Each student manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the assigned area and provides direct supervision for that area's student staff. Other duties may include scheduling, facilitating staff meetings, maintaining equipment, interviewing applicants, hiring, training, and conducting certain levels of disciplinary action on a situational basis. Managers may represent their student staffs for departmental planning purposes. Each manager reports to a professional supervisor.
  • Building Manager: Manages all aspects of the Fisher Student Center, Fisher University Union, Warwick Center, Burney Center, and the Campus Commons on a daily basis. This includes regular inspections of the facilities; oversight of after-hours events to ensure compliance with Campus Life policies and procedures; opening the buildings; securing the buildings at closing time; assisting other Campus Life employees as needed; and inspection for readiness of reservable spaces prior to and following each event.
  • Calendar Assistant: Creates, edits and prints the biweekly CAIC calendar of events. Maintains the Master Calendar online.
  • Facility Assistant: Provides light maintenance work in the Fisher Student Center, Fisher University Union, Burney Center and Warwick Center. Responsibilities include light carpentry; changing light bulbs; cleaning and polishing fixtures; painting; sanding; refinishing surfaces; and installation of equipment, furnishings and decorations.
  • Information Center Specialist: Responsible for the operation of the Information Center while on duty. This includes the distribution of information; laptop checkout; radio checkout; umbrella checkout; and securing lost and found items. Specialists serve walk-up, phone and email customers with information about events, the Campus Life facilities, the University and the Wilmington community.
  • Involvement Specialist: Serves as a liaison between UNCW's registered student organizations and CAIC; assists in the further expansion and development of student organizations; counsels students regarding getting involved on campus; gives presentations on various leadership topics; andintains the Involvement Center and its resources.
  • Office Assistant: Serves as an administrative assistant in the various Campus Life offices. Responsibilities are dependent on the office in which the position is housed and may include word processing; typing meeting minutes; processing payroll; supporting event management; answering phones; taking accurate messages; distributing daily mail deliveries; signing for deliveries; making copies; and providing general information about events, building hours and staff availability.
  • Event Staff: The Event Staff team provides the venue setup, A/V support, and event management for all events in the Fisher Student Center, Fisher University Union, Burney Center, Warwick Center and the Campus Commons. The Event Staff team is designed to support events from beginning to end; including opening and closing facilities; assisting clients with venue setup questions, changes or concerns;helping maintain the customers' event agendas; and operating all sound, lighting, and visual equipment. The Event Staff team strives to provide a seamless delivery of services by acting as an extension of the Conferences, Events, & Reservations office and ensures that all Campus Life and UNCW policies are followed during the event. Additional responsibilities include maintenance of equipment and furnishings in all facilities; assurance of facility cleanliness prior to and during each event; and systematic inventory of furnishings and equipment.
  • Posting Assistant: Works with CAIC to ensure timely and widespread distribution of marketing materials for UNCW-sponsored events and programs.
  • Reservations Assistant: Serves as the frontline service person for reservation needs. Responsibilities include word processing; typing; data entry; answering phones; taking accurate messages; processing basic space requests; filing; providing general information about events, building hours and staff availability; distributing daily mail deliveries; signing for deliveries; and making copies as needed.
  • Intern: A student who provides support to a Campus Life area while fulfilling specific educational goals typically related to the student's major. An intern's work may be performed for course credit or as part of UNCW's Certified Internship Program, offered through the Career Center.
  • Graduate Assistant: A graduate student who provides support to a Campus Life area while completing a post-graduate degree.