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Graduate Student Life at UNCW

UNCW Campus Life is proud to support the growing graduate student population with Graduate Student Life Programming. As they continue their educational journey, Graduate Student Life is designed to connect graduate students to the UNCW community. Campus Life wishes for all graduate students to receive the full TEAL experience through our programming opportunities. Learn more about the TEAL experience below and discover all Graduate Student Life programming opportunities on WAVELINK at For questions about Graduate Student Life, contact Darron Jenkins, Assistant Director for Campus Life: Campus Activities & Programs at

The Graduate Community Connection

  • Graduate Student Associations
    • The UNCW Graduate Student Association is comprised of graduate students across academic disciplines. The GSA brings together graduate students to fulfill the social, academic, occupational, and financial needs of the graduate student community. Many academic departments have their own Graduate Student Associations in addition to the governing body GSA. The GSA has upcoming meetings on the following dates:
      • Febraury 9, March 9, April 13 | 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  •  Campus Life Programming
    • Campus Life is always offering programs to engage the UNCW community. Campus Life offers both in-person and online programmings that is accessible wherever you are. Learn more about opportunities to engage through WAVELINK!
Everything Wellbeing

Healthy Hawks: UNCW defines well-being as a holistic approach to daily life, integrating many facets that contribute to an individual’s experiences of the self, others, and world. With Healthy Hawks, a partnership between the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, and Campus Recreation, UNCW engages the eight dimensions of well-being—emotional, engagement, intellectual, financial, occupational, physical, spiritual, and sustainability—to act and interact in a way that contributes to our quality of life.
  • Counseling Center: The Counseling Center provides a broad range of psychological, counseling, and educational services for UNCW students. Counseling is free for enrolled students.
  • Student Health Center: The Abrons Student Health Center provides student-centered medical and preventative healthcare services to UNCW students.
  • Campus Recreation: The Department of Campus Recreation provides innovative facilities, inclusive recreation, and wellness programming to support and inspire healthy lifestyles for UNCW students.
Academic & Professional Development

  • Conferences
    • The GSA and Graduate School provide multiple funding opportunities for graduate students to engage in conferences and travel opportunities.
  • Scholarships and Funding
    • This is a list of scholarships and fellowships available to all graduate students. Reach out to your program coordinator for additional opportunities for graduate student funding.
  • Contacts
    • This list contains a list of contacts for all current and potential graduate students, including Christopher Finelli, Dean of the Graduate School, and the staff in the Graduate School office.
  • Program Administrators/Coordinators
    • Linked is the names and contacts of all Graduate Program Coordinators. Your Program Coordinator will be happy to help you navigate your program, give academic advice, and connect you with opportunities in your department or field.
  • Career Center: The UNCW Career Center is a career counselling and resource center dedicated to supporting UNCW students in their career development. They offer a variety of resources in all areas to help UNCW students emerge into their professional lives.
Life in Graduate School

  • Things to Do
    • Wrightsville Beach: One of the most popular attractions of Wilmington life, Wrightsville Beach is located just 10 minutes from the UNCW campus. If beaches are your thing, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are located just south of Wilmington and are just as scenic.
    • Parks and Rec: Wilmington has many opportunities for outdoor exploration, recreation, and community sporting/wellness events.
    • Wilmington Downtown: Wilmington’s thriving downtown, located along the Cape Fear River, is a great place to explore, eat, work, shop, and spend time with friends, only 15 minutes from campus.
  • Housing and Transportation
    • Link to Wave Transit: Wave Transit is Wilmington’s public transportation system. Wave Transit buses are free to ride with UNCW ID.
  • Students with Children
  • Residency resources