The Ann Flack Boseman Gallery

Current Exhibit: Grove, Roots and Heartwood

January 11-February 2, 2018

The role of the photographic image has a rich history for cataloging memories, often containing images that are unique to one individual’s experience. Artists Ginger Owen, Associate Professor of Photography and Intermedia at Western Michigan University, and Vicki VanAmeyden, artist and art educator from Michigan, want to emphasize how the photograph helps us to find our place in a larger historical picture, appropriating imagery from their respective family albums and framing their ideas around the experience generated from remembering their past. 

Framed around nostalgia and memory, these mixed-media pieces are large-scale experiential installations that engage in viewers’ unique memories and experiences. Using the photomechanical processes including cyanotype and Xerox transfer, they address the ties that bind people and cultures: memory, history, culture, humanity and ancestry. Come explore collective memories through vernacular photography and contemplate the act of pursuing one’s history as a universal human understanding. 

Owen VanAmeyden