The Ann Flack Boseman Gallery


The Ann Flack Boseman Scholarship Scholarship Show: Ann Miller Finch

This year's scholarship winner is Ann Miller Finch whose show The Reach of Our Arms seeks to highlight women and art with her show. 

Artist Statement

"The female nude has been one of the most commonly depicted subject matters throughout art history, reflecting a complex set of cultural traditions. The celebrated female nude in Western art history was always painted by a man historically, as female artists were banned from attending figure drawing classes or painting the nude figure. Consequently, there are more culturally valued female nudes in art history than there are female artists themselves.

My current work is a dedication to women and art. Through the exploration of different mediums and techniques, the movement and vivacity of the female body and its humanity are portrayed. This exhibition showcases artwork by a woman, for all people, as an opportunity to celebrate female artistic creativity and reclaim the female nude and its significance throughout art history."