The Ann Flack Boseman Gallery

Remarkably Human by UNCW Alumna, Rachel Johanningsmeiera, Rahcle


Rachel recreates the female body in her work, telling visual stories of its strength, fluidity, and spirit. As a child, Rachel participated in many activities such as gymnastics, dance, yoga, and swimming that inspired her figurative work and its focus on movement, energy, and expression. These elements collide with her interest in psychology to generate artwork that celebrates how remarkably human we are. Rachel's artwork reflects her own thoughts and experiences that connect people to our shared sense of humanity. This is evident in the way she poses the form and tone for each piece by creating anatomically ‘correct’ bodies while abstracting the material and/or color to deter the audience from assigning identity to the piece and enhance emotion behind it. This allows the audience to recognize them as a manifestation of human experience. While Rachel uses the human body as a vessel for expression, they are made simply for the fate of creating, or l’art pour l’art (‘art for art’s sake) as stated by Théophile Gautier, French poet and art critic. 


Campus Life is hosting the Boseman Art Gallery Opening Reception for "Remarkably Human" on Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 12:30 P.M. Learn more on Wavelink here.