The Ann Flack Boseman Gallery

Fall 2020 Exhibitions

Ann Flack Boseman Gallery

What Remains Outside Katey Morrill 

Throughout each environment there is a procession of horizontal planes that lead the viewer’s gaze back through each seascape, skyscape and landscape. I am interested in abstracting observed color and light into shapes that construct the feeling of movement, luminosity and a sense of atmosphere.  

In this time of social distance and containment, many are searching for a visual escape beyond their walls.  My paintings allow the viewer a visual retreat to remember what still remains outside in the distance.

Virtual Gallery Exhibit

Passing it On

Andi Steele
Ally Favory
Meredith Connelly
Greg Hall 
Josh Stallings
Jake Clewis
Kendyl Cosgrove
Maria Buchannan
Rachel Johanningsmeier
Jack Williams

Teaching, at its most basic, is a passing on of knowledge. Learning is the taking in of information, interpreting it, and applying it in new ways. Former and current students of Associate Professor Andi Steele, a 2020 Board of Governors’ Award for Excellence in Teaching recipient, epitomize the act of learning. This exhibition showcases their sculpture alongside work by Professor Steele, illustrating the base of knowledge she shared and the unique originality of their creativity.