The Ann Flack Boseman Gallery

Current Exhibit: Of the Earth

September 26-November 1, 2019

In this collaborative exhibition, Lemuel Heida and Tricia Messenger combine their passion for artistic expression with the limitless possibilities of utilizing paper as a sculptural and functional medium.

Lemuel is a UNCW Studio Art alumnus with a focus in 100% handmade photographic images and mixed media sculpture. His approach to paper making is conventional and methodical. He works with natural fibers to create included and embossed paper sheets for his photographic images and sculptural work.

Tricia is a principally trained functional potter and a sculptural ceramicist. Her approach to paper making is experimental. She works with recycled paper to create colorful paper agate jewelry and pulp weavings.

Together, Lemuel and Tricia combine their artistic wisdom and techniques to create a fusion of new artwork that combines their love of paper with a variety of materials including twine, clay, and natural objects.

Emma Dunn-Scholarship Show