Biology & Marine Biology

Spring 2017 Seminar Series

Date Day Time Location Speaker Topic
01/06 Fri. 3pm DO 103 no seminar
01/13 Fri. 3pm DO 103

no seminar

01/20 Fri. 3pm DO 103

Dr. Just Cebrian
University of South Alabama

"Securing coastal ecosystem functionality in the Anthropocene"
01/27 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. James Cowan
Louisiana State University
"Fish assemblage structure, distribution, and trophic ecology at northwest Gulf of Mexico banks"
02/03 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Joseph Pawlik
UNC Wilmington
"Sponges on Caribbean reefs: From molecules to MPA's and macroecology"
02/10 Fri. 3pm DO 103

Dr. Alison Taylor
UNC Wilmington

"Cell biology of coccolithophores: from molecular mechanisms to ecology"
02/17 Fri. 3pm DO 103

no seminar

02/24 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Jennifer Burns
University of Alaska - Anchorage

"Marine Mammals in a Changing Ocean - Scientists in a Changing World"

03/03 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Stuart Borrett
UNC Wilmington
"Ecological Network Analysis for Ecosystem Science, Assessment, and Management: Putting the Pieces Together"
03/10 Fri. 3pm DO 103 no seminar Spring Break
03/15 Wed. 2pm WAT 266 Amanda Cole
UNC Wilmington

"Relationships between water quality variables and benthic macrophyte communities in Florida Bay"

03/17 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Ramji Bhandari
UNC Greensboro

"Environmentally Induced Developmental Origins of Adult and Transgenerational Health Effects"

03/24 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Eliot Miller
Cornell University

"Fighting over food unites
the birds of North America in a continental dominance hierarchy

03/31 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Jennifer Hamel
Elon University
“A community approach to insect behavior”
04/07 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Patrick J. Ciccotto
NC State University

“Female color preferences, ecological selection, and the evolution of male coloration in darters(Percidae:Etheostomatinae)"

04/07 Fri. 11am TL 1053

Michael Echevarria
UNC Wilmington

 “Connecting alveolate sensory biology with trophic ecology in the marine plankton ”

04/11 Tue. 12:30pm TL 1053

Brian Moy
UNC Wilmington

“The alternative sigma factor RpoN is essential in Flavobacterium johnsoniae.”

04/12 Wed. 12:00 DO 132

Sean Hardison
UNC Wilmington

“Manipulation of oyster reef soundscapes with snapping shrimp does not affect Crassostrea virginica larval recruitment”

04/14 Fri. 3pm DO 103 no seminar Good Friday
04/17 Mon. 2pm DO 202

Rob Schilke
UNC Wilmington

 “Modulation of CD40 by VPA enhances equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) mediated oncolysis of glioblastoma multiforme”  

04/19 Wed. 10am DO 132 Lindsey Deignan
UNC Wilmington
"Fine-scale spatial and genetic distribution of sponges on coral reefs in the Florida Keys"
04/20 Thurs 2pm FR 2052 Katie Bell
UNC Wilmington
"Diving behaviour of western North Atlantic basking sharks: insights from short- and long-term tagging"
04/20 Thurs 3:30 pm DO 103

Madison Robison
UNC Wilmington

"Low salinity exposure effects on the
reproduction of the Eastern oyster( Crassostrea virginica)"

04/21 Fri. 3pm DO 103

Dr. Paul Manos
Duke University

"Mighty oaks from little acorns grow: phylogenomic data add new branches to the Quercus tree of life."