Biology & Marine Biology

Spring 2018 Seminar Series

Date Day Time Location Speaker Topic
01/05 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

no seminar

 no seminar
01/09 Tue 4 pm DO 103

Dr. Julia Buck
UC Santa Barbara

"Biodiversity - Disease relationships Are Scale Dependent"
01/12 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 Dr. Shawn Noren
 UC Santa Cruz

“Marine Mammal Physiological Capacities: Assessing their vulnerability to Human and Environmental Perturbations”

01/19 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

no seminar

no seminar
01/23 Tue. 2 pm FR 2052

Dr. Valentina Di Santo
Harvard University

"Climate change and locomotion: insights into energetics and biomechanics of fishes"

01/26 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Erinn Muller
Mote Marine Laboratory

"Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Coral Disease Dynamics in the Wider Caribbean Region"

01/30 Tues 2 pm FR 2052

Dr. Julie Meachen
Des Moines University

"The end of the Pleistocene and the faunal response to a changing world"

02/02 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 no seminar no seminar
02/06 Tues. 2 pm FR 2052 FR. Micahel Tift
UC San Diego
"From the depths of the ocean to the top of mountains: Understanding the benefits of endogenous carbon monoxide (CO) in hypoxia-tolerant mammals"
02/09 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 Dr. Nicole Fogarty
Nova Southeastern University

"Hybridization: the key to threatened coral species survival or the harbinger of extinction?"

02/16 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Hillary Glandon
UNC Wilmington

"Hot Crabs on Acid: The organismal and population level effects of climate change on the juvenile blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) from the Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay"



3 pm

DO 103

no seminar

no seminar
03/02 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

no seminar

no seminar
03/09 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

no seminar

Spring Break

03/16 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Chris Tonra
Ohio State University

"Pulling Back the Curtain On Migratory Behavior and Ecology Using MOTUS"

03/23 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Frank Fish
West Chester University

"Lessons from Charismatic Marine Fauna: Biomimetic Applications for the Development of Advanced Technologies"
03/30 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

no seminar

Good Friday

04/06 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Andrew Rhyne
Roger Williams University

Poisoned Reefs: 50 Years of Cyanide Fishing
A Failure of Science or Policy?

04/13 Fri. 1 pm
2 pm

DO 103
DO 134

Spring Graduate Student Symposium

Various Topics

04/20 Fri. 3 pm TL 1053 Juan Manuel Rodriguez Baron

“Fisheries Interactions with Critically Endangered Sea Turtles in Central and South America”