Biology & Marine Biology

Fall 2016 Seminar Series

Date Day Time Location Speaker Topic
8/19 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Patrick Erwin
UNC Wilmington
Form and Function in the Shadow World of Microbial Symbionts
8/26 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Niels Lindquist
UNC Chapel Hill
Applying fundamentals of oyster ecology to habitat management, restoration, aquaculture and economic opportunity
9/02 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Rob Condon
UNC Wilmington
Jellyfish, climate change, weather balloons and other wonderful tales from the GLOBES lab
9/09 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Susanne Brander
UNC Wilmington
Let's get a little hormonal: Evaluating endocrine responses to environmental stressors in estuarine organisms
9/16 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Jeff Waters
Virginia Tech
Follow your destiny: Alternative pathways to success in red-cockaded woodpeckers
9/23 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Tina Kish-Catalone Development of New Preclinical Models, Prophylactic Compounds and Drug Delivery Systems for the Prevention of HIV/STD Transmission
9/30 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Tony Golubski
Kennesaw State University
Exploring how behavioral effects are structured in large food webs, and what the consequences are
10/07 Fri. No seminar Fall Break
10/14 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Jennifer Hamel
Elon University
March 31, 2017) 
10/21 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 Dr. Ann Stapleton
UNC Wilmington
Just right: predicting allele-environment interactions
10/28 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. April Blakeslee
East Carolina University
Parasites and Invasions in Coastal Systems: From A to Zombie
11/04 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Scott Sillett
Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
Demographic and behavioral responses of a migratory songbird to climate variation
11/11 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Lee Smee
Texas A&M University  Corpus Christi
The world is my oyster: Chemical ecology on oyster reefs
11/18 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Eden Garcia
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Prospectus: Life history characterization and population dynamics of juvenile Permit fish, Trachinotus falcatus, in the Turneffe Atoll, Belize
11/25 Fri.   No seminar Thanksgiving Break
11/29 Tue. 12pm TL 1053 Christian Commander
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Prospectus: Modeling the effects of varying disturbance frequency and magnitude on persistence and fishery yield in predator-prey systems
12/01 Thu. 11am Marbionic Bldg 1001B Nick Fowler
UNC Wilmington
Thesis Defense: Chemical Analysis of Karenia Papilionacea
12/06 Tue. 3pm EB 266 William Collier
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Defense: Fisheries Biology of Kingfishes (Menticirrhus spp.)