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PAPERWORK DUE DATES: Spring 2023 forms due 1/16/23!

If you need to check to see if your site is already approved, please email Sue Tatum at

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Directed Individual Study - BIO 491

1-3 credit hours (no more than 6 can count toward BIO 300/400 level electives)

Must be a junior or senior with at least a 2.0 GPA. 

DIS forms due dates: Spring 2023 forms are due 1/16/23!


1. Find a BIO faculty member to work with ( & determine project, credit hours, etc. with them. 

2. They will submit the DIS form for you here: (only faculty should submit).

3. You will be notified when the course is built & you can register in SeaNet (not searchable - wait for email). 

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Shea Huse

Academic Advising Coordinator

Office: Dobo 1004C