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Student Aid Association


UNCW Student Aid Association, Inc. (the "Association") was organized as a North Carolina non-profit corporation on July 18, 1966, in order to aid, foster, and promote the education of student athletes by obtaining donations for the scholarship program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. In addition, the Association exists to encourage a fraternal spirit of loyalty and interest in the University by alumni, friends, and benefactors. The University is the Association's sole beneficiary.

The Student Aid Association is better known as the Seahawk Club and is the official fundraising arm for the Department of Athletics and provides funds for athletic scholarships for more than 325 student athletes. Membership in the Seahawk Club is critical to help UNCW address the challenges in funding to compete on the conference and national level.

Support from the Seahawk Club helps sustain 19 varsity level sports, only two of which are fully funded - meaning they offer the maximum number of scholarships that the NCAA allows for a Division I program. Participation at all levels in the Seahawk Club is important to attracting the best student-athletes and to provide them with exceptional academic and athletic experience

For information on the Association or to make a donation please visit the Seahawk Club - University of North Carolina Wilmington Seahawks Athletics