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Lumina Festival of the Arts is a celebration of the arts in the coastal south. UNCW Presents and Opera Wilmington have assembled an extraordinary roster of artists. The festival features events in opera, theatre, dance, film, music, visual art and performance poetry. We invite the entire Cape Fear community to join us on campus for these performances!

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Congratulations to Maria Emilia Borja,
Winner of the 2019 Lumina Poster Contest!

Artist Statement: 

I am Maria Emilia. Two part first name. I create through fiber, serigraphy, oil, acrylic and I am currently restoring a house here in Wilmington, NC. I own a creative art business with my partner called Mushpa + Mensa.

Here is a little story about my piece:

This is a festive image of three magi women from different lands coming together to celebrate the Feast of Light. Sultana, Oxana and Eve. Each bearing their own gifts. Sultana brings the gift of creativity, wisdom and change. Oxana brings the gift of color and movement. And Eve brings the gift of music, fire and sight. All these elements combine to create a celebration of the arts like none other. And only those who believe in magic are invited.

- Maria Emilia Borja