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This is your connection to all things arts at UNCW! We aim to shine a spotlight on upcoming arts events, explore arts culture in the community and on campus, and show what makes the arts scene in Wilmington, North Carolina so special.  

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1/27/21 - Podcast: Matt Thies

11/11/20 - Celebrate the Holidays at Curbside Cinema

10/15/20 - Celebrate Spooky Season with Curbside Cinema

8/6/20 - Podcast: Dan Brawley

7/8/20 - Podcast: Susan Habas

6/24/20 - Podcast: Keryn Vickers

6/10/20 - Podcast: Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith

5/20/20 - Podcast: Stray Local

5/6/20 - Podcast: Venita Jenkins

4/22/20 - Podcast: Stacey Kirby

4/8/20 - Podcast: Joseph Brent, 9 Horses