Accounts Receivable

Sammy Seahawk

Collection Guideline

UNCW Policy 05.104 - Billing, Collection and Write Off Policy for Non-Student Accounts Receivable (External Invoicing) (PDF)

Collection Steps for Past Due Invoices


1-30 days

past due

31-60 days past due
61-90 days past due

91-120 days

past due

>120 days

past due

Controller's Dept
No action needed
Mail a past due invoice & make contact with debtor to verify receipt of invoice stamped past due & discuss payment arrangements.

Collection letter sent -

Example Letter

Referral to Office of the Attorney General required
State offset debt collection (SODCA) and turnover to collection agencies

Cannot be written off until one processing cycle through SODCA has occurred (1 yr) and two unsuccessful attempts by collection agencies

Issuing Dept Department that prepared the invoice is expected to communicate with customer whenever possible to avoid delinquent invoices.