Accounts Payable

Types of Payments

New Purchasing/Disbursements Matrix - This will guide you on the appropriate methods to purchase or pay for purchases. This will also provide you with options for purchasing items. PURCHASING/DISBURSEMENTS MATRIX

Check Requests

  • Refund of receipts from revenue fund
  • Reimburse employees for out of pocket expenses
  • Business Entertainment Expenses
  • Dual Employment
  • Subscriptions
  • Petty Cash
  • Registration
  • After the fact purchases with purchasing approval

Purchase Order Payments

  • UShop Orders

Gift Cards

  • A copy of the gift card or other documentation listing the name of the business and amount should accompany a signed acknowledgement from the person receiving the gift card
  • Be sure to consult the employee gift policy and do not violate any existing policies or circumvent tax related payments.

Sales Tax Payment

Sales tax collected is submitted to the NC Dept of Revenue. It is collected from sales to students and other individuals.

Withholding of 4% and Backup Withholding

Non-resident withholding of 4% after $1500 is required by the NC Dept of Revenue. This includes individuals and companies unless incorporated in NC.

Backup withholding is required for anyone that does not submit a federal identification number such as a social security number.