Accounts Payable


Direct Deposits

  • Employee reimbursements must be direct deposit if they are set up in payroll
  • Vendors may be direct deposit and is the preferred method
  • Active email required for direct deposits
  • Employees should contact Wanda Lerch, Vendor Specialist at 910-962-2940 or for changes

Payment Process

  • Payments are made once a week - Wednesdays except during holiday or end of year
  • Demand checks should be limited to emergencies only and must be approved by the Associate Controller. Justification and form required.

Payments Released

  • Payments are released after funds are approved
  • Checks are mailed directly to vendors
  • Direct deposits released within two to five business days of the check run
  • Checks released to department personnel only, not to vendors/individuals
  • Checks requested to be picked up by departments are released only with justification and should be limited