Physical Security and Access

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Our Mission

Physical Security & Access Department provides a critical function to secure the campus buildings and structures; enhances the effectiveness of safety and security units in the division with technological support in the form of security cameras, gate controls, door readers; and provides necessary flexibility to meet the mission of the University without sacrificing security. In addition, providing physical security information management and systems administration support for police systems to include databases and communications.

Our Vision

To provide a safe and secure environment for Students, Staff and Faculty;  

  • facilitating a pro-active customer service oriented approach,
  • delivering the highest possible level of professionalism, reliability and technology available.

Campus Partnerships

  • University Police Department: Assist with software and technical applications
  • OneCard Office: Coordinate and assist technical applications related to printing of Onecards
  • Project Management: Assist with access control and camera projects throughout campus
  • Lockshop: Assist in maintaining maintenance of access control doors
  • Housing: Assist with access control with student housing
  • Student Recreation Center: Assist with access control technology

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