Physical Security and Access

Physical Security and Access

Physical Security and Access provides a critical function to secure the campus buildings and structures; enhances the effectiveness of safety and security units in the division with technological support in the form of security cameras, gate controls, and door readers; provides the necessary flexibility to meet the mission of the University without sacrificing security, and provides physical security information management. In addition, this department provides systems administration support for police systems to include databases and communications.

PS&A Staff

  • Bob Hinnant - Electronics Technician
  • Jack Guglielmo - Physical Security and Access Coordinator

Responsibilities of PS&A

Electronic Doors

  • Grant access to electronically controlled doors on campus
  • Respond to daily issues related to all electronically controlled doors on campus
  • Scheduling of electronically controlled doors
  • Creating and exporting of access control reports

Security Cameras

  • Oversee installation of all CCTV cameras on campus
  • Track/repair all camera issues on campus
  • Export video to assist with UNCW police investigations