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Doors Around Campus

Preventative Maintenance

PS&A conducts a 6 month rotation for each door and reader to be examined for any visual problems, closure issues, and part replacement (as necessary).  This process has allowed us to save time and money by addressing issues before they arise and being proactive in customer service.  By performing Preventative Maintenance, we reduce the downtime of electronic access control equipment and prolong its lifespan.

Possible Door Issues and How to Report Them

Identifying External Doors

  1. Each door on campus should have a sticker located near the top hinge with a number. This number allows the Lock Shop and Physical Security and Access technicians to know exactly which door requires repair.
  2. If this sticker cannot be found, provide some information that will assist technicians in locating the proper door such as the direction the door is facing, the nearest office or classroom number or a landmark that can be identified from the door.

Reporting Security Issues with External Doors

Give a short description of what the door does or does not do rather than attempt to diagnose the problem. Many issues are intermittent and may not be apparent when a locksmith or technician gets to the door in the morning. Below are some examples of door issues:

  • The door will not close and latch without manual assistance.
  • The door will not secure.
  • The door is electrically unlocked.
  • The door will not close.
  • The door reader is not working. (The reader does not respond when a card is presented.)
  • The door will not unlock when a card is presented. (The reader responds when a card is presented but the door does not unlock.)
  • The door could not be unlocked with a key.

Issues that Require Further Action or Immediate Attention

  1. The Door will not secure – If an external door will not secure the on-call locksmith should be contacted.
  2. The Door is electrically unlocked – Contact dispatch and have them check the campus door schedule and Lenel. If the door is supposed to be locked, they will be able to lock it in Lenel. If dispatch cannot lock the door, the on-call locksmith should be contacted.
  3. The Door will not close – Check the threshold and frame area for debris, door mats, stones, wedges or other objects preventing the door from closing. Do NOT force the door close as this may damage hinges, closers and other door components.


 Deadbolt Electronic Lock on Campus



When lock shows green on indicator inside door, the deadbolt is not activated.  When locks shows red on indicator inside door, the deadbolt is activated and no power is supplied to lock.  This is to be used during a lockdown of the room and that no one can enter using access control on that door.

Estimated Price for Door Reader Installation

$2800 - $8500*

Prices vary according to several factors including:

  • Availability of existing infrastructure.
  • Distance between installation site and nearest security room.
  • Hardware requirements.
  • Installation and building structural challenges.

*Disclaimer: Prices for informational purposes only. 

If you are interested in an access controlled door, please fill out a special project request.  Once project management receives the request, Project Management and Physical Security and Access will notify the department about the next steps into the process.

Please contact PS&A for a quote,