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Two-Plus-Two Engineering Program

A Pathway to NC State’s Engineering Program
  • ~80%

    Acceptance rate to the NC State College of Engineering

  • 3.5

    Goal GPA to maximize chances for admission to the NC State College of Engineering

  • 20

    Average class size at UNC Wilmington

Find your career in:

Engineer natural solutions to address global challenges in our food supply, water quality, and alternative energy sources.

Integrate engineering and medicine to improve human health and quality of life through the joint program between NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill.

Focus on biomanufacturing, polymers, nanotechnology, energy and environmentally sustainable processes.

Construct and manage infrastructure systems including transportation, water, power distribution, and waste disposal. Design and build residential, industrial, and commercial structures.

Innovate and design the circuits, electronics, and hardware needed for the computing and AI systems of tomorrow.

Design video games, create intelligent learning environments, and secure our cyber presence.

Optimize healthcare systems, conduct research in advanced manufacturing, and model data to develop decision support systems.

Discover, create, and enhance the materials that improve our world.

Design and build cars, aircraft, satellites, engines, robots, and other mechanical systems.

Research and develop the processes, instruments, and systems used to produce nuclear energy and applications of nuclear medicine.

Focus on sustainably sourcing trees for use in healthcare, packaging, and biofuel applications.

Work with cutting-edge fiber, textile, and apparel processes, products, and machinery.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Learn about the profession through an activity-based introduction to the engineering degrees offered at NC State.

Explore engineering ethics, professionalism, problem solving, data collection and presentation, communication, teamwork and design.

Work in a team to create a design project and present your designs to local engineering professionals.

I chose to major in engineering because it allows me to devote many hours to subjects within mathematics and the sciences, both of which I am very passionate about. After college, I expect an ever-evolving career that encourages creativity and provides opportunities to make an impact on the world we live in. I honestly could not ask for anything more in a career or major.
Kelsey, 2+2 Alumna
Two-Plus-Two Engineering Program Overview