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Program Details

Course Catalog

  • IMB 515 - Business Analytics
  • IMB 535 - International Finance
  • IMB 540 - Global Marketing Strategies
  • IMB 551 - Global Strategic Analysis
  • IMB 552 - Human Resource Management in the Global Environment
  • IMB 577 - Global Operations Management
  • IMB 531 - Portfolio Management I: Equity 
  • IMB 532 - Portfolio Management II: Fixed Income 
  • IMB 533 - Portfolio analysis and Management III: Derivatives and Financial Risk Management 
  • IMB 534 - International Real Estate Investment 
  • IMB 539 - Financial Management
  • IMB 538 - Financial Research Methods 
  • IMB 542 - Econometrics 
  • IMB 594 - Capstone Project 
  • IMB 599 - Thesis

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, applicants of all academic and professional backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the IMBA program. For applicants without an academic background in business might be required to complete some pre-requisite courses before the start of the program.

The specialization at UNCW is international finance and investments. Students completing this specialization usually gain employment in banks and brokerage firms. Because of the fast pace of the coursework and the quantitative nature of the material, students should be well versed in accounting, finance, calculus, and statistics.

Tuition for this eighteen-month program depends on the partner choice and the exchange rate. The amount does not include housing or living expenses. Please note that partner institutions’ fees will be paid directly to the partner institution and may be payable in local currency such as euros. Please refer to the chart on this page for current tuition and fees for each of the alliance schools. 

Scholarships and other financial aid sources vary by country. U.S. federal financial aid is only available to U.S. citizens that complete at least 50% of their coursework in the U.S.

Students are welcome to apply for any scholarships available through Cameron School of Business and UNCW. Additionally, the IMBA program typically has a couple of Graduate Assistantship positions available each year. 

Students may live on campus, if space is available. You can visit the UNCW Housing website for details. Most graduate students choose to live off-campus. You can visit the Off-Campus Housing Website for information to aid in your search.

Given the nature of this program students are discouraged from having a full-time position. Some students in the IMBA program will choose to have a part-time job while completing the program. Departments outside Cameron School of Business often hire graduate assistants for special projects. Students in the IMBA program can apply for any of these positions that they may be interested in obtaining.

Cameron School of Business Career Success Center offers career support to CSB students. All UNCW students and alumni also have access to the resources available through the UNCW Career Center.

Each student writes at a different pace, so an exact timeframe is not available. In general, students should expect to spend at least 40 hours/week for 15 weeks researching and writing the thesis. Students should complete their thesis by the end of the fall semester following their specialization courses.

Yes, you can write your thesis from your home country or your specialization institution. Students can defend their proposal and thesis virtually. There are many resources available only on campus at UNCW (such as the Bloomberg and Compustat databases). Students that do not stay at UNCW while working on their thesis tend to take a longer time to complete their thesis and incur additional costs because of extending time past the original program deadline.

The official UNCW commencement ceremony is December following your specialization courses. Degrees are conferred and diplomas are mailed approximately 60 days after graduation. 

Following are the acceptable forms of payment: 

  1. Cash, directly to the UNCW cashier in Warwick Center.
  2. Pay online with a credit card (convenience fees apply)
  3. Payment Plan

Once your application for admission has been processed, it will be sent to the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS). OISS will notify you of the process to apply for the UNCW I-20 for F-1 visa. You must complete the form I-20 application and then have that processed and reviewed by OISS. Once OISS issues your UNCW I-20 with your SEVIS number, you must pay the I-901 SEVIS fee and then you can schedule your appointment with the U.S. embassy.

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