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International Business



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leaders that are successful have an open mind, live and travel abroad, and are inquisitive and flexible

Earn 20%

more per hour by getting a language minor and being bilingual

Potential Career Paths in Global Business

Students in these specializations develop comprehensive foundations in a variety of areas, including international human resources, marketing, finance, and economics, but place significant focus on strengthening their communication and leadership skills, which ultimately allows them to secure upper-level management and analyst positions. These students also learn how to effectively manage workforce diversity and recruit talent for global operations so they may handle international staffing and lead professional development for a company on a global scale. Sample career tracks may include strategic planning/budgeting director, policy & planning analysts, program director & manager, international business development director, global human resource specialist.
Students specializing in marketing often find job opportunities with larger corporations and global companies where they primarily focus on developing business strategies that help increase global sales and create an advantage over the competition. A global marketing professional may also be responsible for examining global demand for their organization's products/services. Sample career tracks may include export sales representative, international sales manager, and export marketing representative
This focus explores the process of developing and distributing international products and services. Graduates may lead global sales and manufacturing teams in order to maximize supply chain efficiency, or may pursue global operation and supply chain management positions in just about any private or public sector operating in foreign markets. Sample career tracks may include global procurement manager, import/export clerk for a customs broker, international shipping specialist, or logistics manager. 
Learners with this focus examine global business trends and policies specifically within foreign financial markets. International economists often work at different levels of government, analyzing the country's economy and assessing global demand for goods and services. International finance students are interested in global investment activities and supporting a company's financial goals, thus developing skill sets in analyzing foreign market trends and evaluating company finances across global divisions. Sample career tracks may include finance specialists arranging loans or managing payment processes for international trade deals, export credit insurance specialists analyzing the type and degree of risk involved in international transactions, or various finance-related careers within diverse global industries related to healthcare, banking, and capital markets, and consumer goods.

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