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Entrepreneurship & Business Development



million people in the US are employed by small businesses


of small business owners are “very happy” with their work lives


of entrepreneurs value soft skills in communication, problem solving and time management

Fast Track Details

The fast track program provides a great opportunity for a few industrious students who have already started their own business to get a head start in their studies and extra-curricular activities. Students should apply to the Fast Track program as soon as they are admitted to UNCW. Fast Track participants will gain early access to Entrepreneurship faculty and mentoring opportunities.  Merit Scholarship money has been allocated for participation in this program.

Up to three freshmen will be admitted to the Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD) Fast Track program each year. The Fast Track program is designed to have the participants start their business courses in their freshman year. This will be possible because participants will have the math prerequisite (MAT 111 or equivalent) is required for sophomore-level business courses.

Eligible candidates should also have already started at least one viable business or have business experience related to entrepreneurship and/or business development while in high school. The application process will include an essay on why they desire to be admitted to the program as well as professional recommendations. An interview (in person or virtually) may also be required. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of faculty.