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Business Analytics



Growth in Data Analysts Demand in the Next Ten Years


Courses to Achieve a Concentration in Business Analytics


Achieve a B.S. and a M.S. in Business Analytics in 5 years

Typical Jobs

A Data Analyst interprets data and turns it into useful information to improve the business decision process.

A Descriptive Analytics Professional focuses on summarizing and highlighting patterns in current and historical data using visualizations and summary measures to help companies better understand data.

A Predictive Analytics Specialist gathers, cleans, and analyzes data to identify trends and patterns, then make recommendations for business actions.

A Business Analytics Professional uses descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive tools to provide a data-driving approach to problem solving to provide business intelligence solutions for Product, Marketing, Finance, Sales and Management.

Outside the Classroom

Each fall, the Tech and Analytics Career Day provides an interactive platform for BAN students to gain insights into their field of work from recent graduates and establish valuable connections with prospective employers.
Student Analytics & Supply Chain Association (SASCA) is a student organization that emphasizes using analytics in decision-making. SASCA allows its members to develop analytical skills through workshops, training sessions, and networking events. The organization also offers resources and support to prepare students for careers in the analytics industry


Course description










Note: at least one of the electives must have a BAN, MIS, or SCM prefix

  • BAN 309 - Health Care Analytics
  • BAN 310 - Sports Analytics
  • BAN 400 - Big Data Analytics
  • BAN 416 - Transportation Analytics
  • BAN 417 - Supply Chain Analytics
  • BAN 480 - Business and Economic Forecasting
  • BAN 485 - Introduction to Business Simulation
  • BAN 495 - Seminar in Business Analytics
  • BAN 498 - Internship in Business Analytics
  • EBD 383 - Entrepreneurship Analytics
  • ECN 377 - Introduction to Econometrics and Data Analytics
  • FIN 441 - Financial Analytics
  • MGT 353 - Human Resource Analytics
  • MIS 303 - Programming for Analytics
  • MIS 305 - Data Visualization
  • MIS 306 - Text Data Analytics
  • MIS 315 - Management of Database Systems
  • MIS 327 - Data Center Management
  • MIS 329 - Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • MKT 444 - Digital Marketing Analytics
  • SCM 475 - Supply Chain Management
  • SCM 477 - Operations Planning and Scheduling
  • SCM 478 - Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis