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A professor gives a lesson to a room full of students with bookshelves lining the walls

Philosophy & Religion, B.A.

Find your career in:

A philosophy degree prepares you for continued graduate study and careers in academia.

The degree teaches you skills needed to succeed in law school.

Philosophy courses teach you to think critically about complex issues.

The degree prepares you to analyze complex issues and communicate effectively.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Explore, appreciate, and evaluate the variety of human experience

Think carefully and critically about complex issues

Analyze, challenge, and construct arguments on any subject

Question your own (and others’) assumptions and biases

Understand a wide array of different points of view

I have met many kind professors who have supported me along the way. The time I spent was filled with support.
Emily Bixby ‘21
Philosophy and Religion, B.A. Program Overview