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A posterboard lists details about France during iFest

French, B.A.

Open Doors to Domestic and International Career Opportunities
  • 100%

    Graduates Either Employed in Meaningful Jobs or in Graduate School Within 12 Months of Graduation

  • 10+

    Exciting Study Abroad Options in France & French-Speaking Countries

  • 8+

    French Internship Sites for Applied Learning Locally & Abroad

French majors have careers in:

French is an official language of the United Nations, NATO, UNESCO and the International Red Cross. More than 20 percent of all Peace Corps volunteers serve in French-speaking countries.

French majors work as teachers, tutors and translators.

France is the number one tourist destination in the world. More people visit France each year than there are citizens of the country.

France is a leader in civil engineering, space and aeronautics, medical technologies, information technology, telecommunications and computer animation.

Many international businesses and other organizations, as well as American companies, regularly recruit candidates who speak French.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Demonstrate an oral proficiency in French; listen and comprehend French

Read and comprehend various genres of French writing: personal and business correspondence, newspaper articles, film reviews and literary texts

Write well in French: correspondence, summaries, narratives, descriptions and analytical essays

Demonstrate cultural competency related to French and/or Francophone cultures

I wanted to take advantage of UNCW's Study Abroad opportunities and fell in love with learning the language under the wings of the French professors at UNCW.
Kaitlyn Woollen '19
French, B.A. Program Overview
Students learn about study abroad opportunities at UNCW's Involvement Carnival

Expand Your French Horizons