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Communication Studies, B.A.

Our graduates thrive in a wide range of professional settings:

Many of our graduates have a passion for problem-solving and business creation. Others are passionate about working with organizations that focus on social change and helping others. 

COM majors often find professional joy in helping others succeed. Our students are sought after by search firms and others who need a high level of client engagement and services.

Many graduates thrive in media intensive careers including journalism, sports, commercial creation and corporate settings.  

Graduates work either in-house or for an agency to create IMC campaigns that advance the strategic goals of the company or client.

program completion feature
program completion feature

Learn To

Create important and effective messages for public speaking

Explore all aspects of digital creativity such as podcasts, videos, social media and websites

Conduct research and connect it to your communication goals and deliverables

Learn the value of research while exploring real world problems, issues and skillsets

Analyze and critique messages from diverse perspectives

I have found so much success in my professional career that I can link back to the different courses and internships that were available to me through the UNCW COM department.
Erica Recent Alumna
Communication Studies, B.A. Program Overview
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Create a foundation for choosing a multitude of career paths

Become a part of the Communication Studies community.