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Reading a picture book in class with youth

Education Laboratory

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Tutoring schedules for each semester are set between tutors and parents during the Ed Lab's open hours of Monday through Thursday, 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. Tutoring fees are based on the number of hours of service. To register, contact the Ed Lab by phone or fill out our "Sign Up" Google form. Please note that you have to submit a separate Google Form for each child.
reading a book to youth

Author Showcase

The Author Showcase is a collection of children's writings and drawings that are published each semester by the Ed Lab staff. A special celebration is held during which children read their work to their parents, other family members, and friends. Tutors assist students as appropriate and celebrate their students' development as readers and writers.

playing connect four

Math Fair

The Math Fair is a similar celebration for children who have been tutored in math. Once a semester, students in the math methods class design math learning activities. These tutor-made materials are then displayed in the Ed Lab as an invitation for tutors and children to examine and explore using learning games based on mathematical thinking.

Students cook in class

Kitchen Classroom

The Kitchen Classroom is where reading and math skills meet the real world! Tutors plan lessons that include the authentic skills of reading to follow instructions, writing grocery lists, measuring fractions and telling time. Many Ed Lab students enjoy connecting stories they have read to the treats they prepare and share in the Kitchen Classroom.

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Make sure you register your child today for tutoring in math and/or reading!

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