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Student helps with art project

It Begins With Teachers


Listen to Jeremy’s video testimonial as he discusses his experience with becoming a teacher & the impact it has had. Jeremy is a high school science teacher. Teachers “make the world a better place.”


Watch Evelyn’s video testimonial as she remembers her ESL teacher’s impact on her life. Evelyn is now a middle school teacher. “Students, they see themselves in you & it’s important…”


Listen to Harris’s video testimonial as he discusses what he loves about being an informal science educator with MarineQuest. “My classroom can be the marsh, it can be the beach, it can be on a research vessel…”


Listen to Yvette’s video testimonial as she talks about the importance of having teachers of color in the classroom. Yvette is an assistant school district superintendent. “Educators are influencers of the next generation. Students need to see that reflection and image of you.”


Watch Jason’s video testimonial as he remembers his sixth grade math teacher’s impact on his life. As a teacher, “think about the impact that you’re going to have, and the lives that you’re going to change.”


Listen to Tre’s video testimonial as he discusses why he chose to become a teacher and his experience as a secondary education student at the Watson College.” If you want to do work that’s important, this is probably the most important work that you can do.”


Watch Barbara’s video testimonial as she remembers her first grade teacher’s impact on her life. Barbara is now the director of career & technical education for a NC school district. “What I love most about being an educator is that I get to shape the lives of students.”

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