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Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities - More Details

As we receive information on available full-time sales positions, we post it in this section. Information is constantly updated, so be sure to check back on a regular basis. 

  • Northwestern Mutual- Financial Advisor
  • Enterprise- Management Trainee
  • SGA- Saint-Gobain Abrasives Sales Team
  • Stevenson Hendrick Honda- Salesperson
  • Prometheus Group- Business Development Representative
  • Floyd Lee Locums- Business Development Specialist
  • Utility Management Services- Account Manager

Please contact John Reed, Sales Center Director, for job details and contact information.


Handshake is an invaluable job-search site for university students. Sign-up to take advantage of the service, which is available at no cost.

Each semester, we host a special Career Fair for our Sales Concentration students. Our Sales Center Partners either visit campus or are available for remote interviews, and students are given the opportunity to pre-register for scheduled interviews.


Growing in popularity are 'visumes' (virtual resumes); 60-90 videotaped presentations by students telling prospective employers about themselves, what type of position they're seeking, and why the company should hire them. Easy to do and a great way to get your name out.


Digital Resumes

Still the 'standard' approach and every student, even if you're not actively searching for a job at this point, should have one. In many cases, prospective employer will like your 'visume' and contact you to ask for the longer and more formal digital resume. We help with these as well.

See the instructions at the end of this section to learn how to prepare and submit your visume and/or digital resume.

Corporate Partners

The corporate partners of our Center for Sales Excellence and Customer Delight are interested in hiring UNCW sales students for internships and full-time positions. To help them (and our students) with this process, we provide a special Sales Student Resume Book to our partners each semester. This allows these partners to view your resume and reach out to you for priority interviews.

Non-Partner Sales Organizations

Additionally, we utilize the resume book when contacted by non-partner sales organizations who are looking for students to hire. This allows us to send them a list of prospective hires and to get your name and credentials distributed among a number of top employers, locally and nationally, to be considered for high-profile sales jobs. Even if you’re not actively pursuing a job at this point, you should still take advantage of inclusion in the book. This will get you on the radar of the leading firms for future consideration. It’s a very important first-step in the job search process.

How Prepare and Submit your Visume and/or Digital Resume

Click here to learn more!

Need Help?

If you have any questions, or need help with crafting or uploading your resume, please email Mr. John Reed at, and put "eResume Book" in the subject line. Or you can schedule an appointment to discuss your resume with the Office of Student Professional Development prior to submission.


The purpose of the USCA Certified Sales Student program is to offer university students the opportunity to receive recognition for going beyond minimal course requirements in preparing themselves for successful sales jobs and careers.

Certification Helps Students Stand Out

Completing the process required to receive this certification helps participants to differentiate themselves from other students in the sales employment market. Similarly, by denoting exceptional commitment and achievement, the program assists employers in identifying the best candidates for sales positions nationwide and around the world.

100 Points Needed for Certification

Any college student attending a USCA member school can earn this certification by meeting the required coursework with authorized faculty and completing the extracurricular experience requirements presented below.

Students must earn a minimum of 100 total points to be awarded the USCA Certified Sales Student designation. A minimum of 50 points must be derived from required college coursework with an additional minimum of 50 points earned through extracurricular activities and experiences.

To get a breakdown of points versus credit hours, visit the USCA website to learn more.

We welcome current students concentrating in professional sales and our CSB Alumni working in professional sales to join our UNCW Sales Alumni Group on LinkedIn. Keep up to date with your classmates and take advantage of networking opportunities and postings relates specifically to professional sales.

Sales Alumni LinkedIn

The student organized and managed Sales Club affords an excellent opportunity for students interested in a career if professional sales to meet, network, and learn more about the profession. They host monthly meetings with guest speakers covering a range of sales-related topics. The Club also hosts networking and social engagement events.

For details, contact Maggie LeRoy or Ella Vitaglione using your UNCW email account.

Ella Vitaglione President
Paul Coffey Vice President
James Warden Marketing Manager
Alivia Cap Secretary
Paul Sizemore Treasurer