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Faculty & Staff

Meet Our Team

W. Taylor Fain, Ph.D.

Department Chair & Associate Professor: America in the World; International History

Morton Hall 260

Yixin Chen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor: Twentieth-Century Chinese History

Morton Hall 230

Nathan Crowe, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Coordinator & Associate Professor: History of Science

Professor Nathan Crowe is an award winning teacher and researcher. His first book, Forgotten Clones: The Birth of Cloning and the Biological Revolution, was published with the University of Pittsburgh Press in 2021. The book was honored as a top forty best seller in the History of Science by the Library Journal for 2021-2022. He is also the author of numerous articles on memory and memorialization of biotechnologies, the history of developmental biology after WWII, and the ethical and environmental issues emerging with contemporary research into marine biotechnologies. Prof. Crowe teaches a wide variety of courses related the history of science, technology, medicine, and medical humanities. His teaching has earned him every available teaching award at UNCW: The Distinguished Teaching Professorship Award, The Board of Trustees Teaching Excellence Award and The Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award. Prof. Crowe is also the department’s Undergraduate Coordinator. His dedication to undergraduates at UNCW earned him the Discere Aude award for outstanding student mentoring.

Morton Hall 228

Venkat Dhulipala, Ph.D.

Associate Professor: History of Modern South Asia

Morton Hall 257

Glen A. Harris, Ph.D.

Professor: African-American History; U.S. History; Harlem Renaissance; Civil Rights Movement; Hollywood and Black Film

Morton Hall 258

T. Robert Hart, Ph.D.

Lecturer: Environmental History; Southern History

Morton Hall 261

David Houpt, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor: Revolutionary America; Political Culture; Atlantic World

Morton Hall 234

Julius L. Jones, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor: African American History; Public History

Morton Hall 221

David La Vere, Ph.D.

Professor: Southeastern and North Carolina Indians; Southern Plains

Morton Hall 233

Jennifer Le Zotte, Ph.D.

Associate Professor: Public History; Modern U.S. Material Culture; Race, Gender, and Sexuality

Morton Hall 226

Stephen McFarland, Ph.D.

Professor: History of Flight; Technology; Middle East

Morton Hall 225

Eva Mehl, Ph.D.

Associate Professor: History of Latin America and the Spanish Empire

Morton Hall 229

Lynn W. Mollenauer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor: Early Modern European History

Morton Hall 232

Nathan Pilkington, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor: Ancient Mediterranean World

Morton Hall 231


Michael M. Seidman, Ph.D.

Professor: Modern Europe and Social/Individual History

Prof. Seidman is the author of five books. His most recent book is Transatlantic Antifascisms: From the Spanish Civil War to the end of World War II, published by Cambridge University Press (2018). His previous books have all earned awards. The Victorious Counterrevolution: The Nationalist Effort in the Spanish Civil War (2011) was honored by Revista de Prensa as one of the fifteen best “revisionist” books on the Spanish Civil War. The Imaginary Revolution: Parisian Students and Workers in 1968 (2004) was selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title. Republic of Egos: A Social History of the Spanish Civil War (2002) was also selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title. Finally, Prof. Seidman’s first book Workers against Work:  Labor in Paris and Barcelona during the Popular Fronts (1936-38) (1991) has been translated into Japanese, Greek, Turkish, French, German, Spanish and Hungarian. More than thirty years after its initial publication, Workers against Work has established itself as a pathbreaking book in the history of labor. To learn more about his research, please visit his personal website.

Morton Hall 224 

Kenneth P. Shefsiek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor: Public History and Colonial U.S.

Morton Hall 264

Robert Mark Spaulding, Ph.D.

Professor: Germany; European Political Economy; Global Trade

Morton Hall 227

Jarrod Tanny, Ph.D.

Associate Professor: Russian-Jewish History

Morton Hall 254 

Liz Timbs, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor: African History

Morton Hall 253

Paul Townend, Ph.D.

Professor: Modern and Early British and Irish History

Morton Hall 263

Tara White, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor: African Merican History; Public History; American; Women's History; Civil Rights History

Morton Hall 220

Angie Zombek, Ph.D.

Graduate Coordinator & Associate Professor: U.S. Civil War & Reconstruction; The Old South; Gender

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Nana Amponsah, Ph.D.


Tyler Bennett, M.A.

Morton Hall 211


Ryan Chapman, M.A.

Sean Goforth, M.A.

Joseph P. Gouverneur, Ph.D.

Morton Hall 211

Matthew Hassett, M.A.

Morton Hall 213

Donald Johnson, M.D., M.A.

Morton Hall 213

Lisa Pollard, Ph.D.

Kristofer Ray, Ph.D.

Morton Hall 222

Kimberly Sherman, Ph.D.

Morton Hall 229







Carole Fink, Ph.D.

Kathleen A. Berkeley, Ph.D.

Candice Bredbenner, Ph.D.

Walter H. Conser, Ph.D.

Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr., Ph.D.

Susan P. McCaffray, Ph.D.

Melton McLaurin, Ph.D.

Lisa Pollard, Ph.D.

Robert Toplin, Ph.D.

Larry Usilton, Ph.D.

Alan Watson, Ph.D.