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Preceptor's Corner

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While the School of Nursing does not provide monetary payment to preceptors, there are many benefits of precepting. As a preceptor, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve your clinical, communication and teaching skills.
  • Reflect on and evaluate your own practice.
  • Stay current and revitalized as a health care professional.
  • Shape the next generation of nursing professionals in N.C.
  • serve as a role model for your teaching ability and professionalism.
  • Improve your ability to be considered for promotion or advancement in your workplace.
  • Experience the personal satisfaction of giving back to the health care community in N.C.
  • Access to electronic resources at the UNCW Randall Library.
  • Verification of preceptor hours for credentialing and/or licensure; for NP Preceptors: 30 precepting hours may be applied to the annual 50 hours of CE required by the NCBON
  • Potential adjunct faculty appointment at the School of Nursing

Credentials & Experience

  • North Carolina licensed in relevant field with Approval to Practice and Board Certified
  • Recognized as experts in clinical practice; with minimum one year experience as a provider.


  • Able to guide students in meeting the objectives for the practicum.
  • Effective with interpersonal skills for supporting a student, providing orientation to the experience, identifying student strengths and weaknesses, and in giving feedback in a constructive manner
  • Plan for approximately 180 hours each semester and 600 total hours in the program
  • Approve all the student’s written schedule.
  • Arrange orientation to the agency.
  • Integrate the student into the work of the agency at an appropriate pace.
  • Supervise student-client contacts directly or through consultation.
  • Consult with faculty at any time deemed necessary to assure student progress.
  • Participate in evaluation of the student’s clinical performance.
  • Call faculty if any concerns arise about student performance.
Preceptors are invited to view and participate in the following self-paced learning modules:

Additional Precepting Resources

Here are some excellent resources to help you make the most of the precepting experience:

Preceptor Profiles

Read more about some of our preceptors and their experiences working with the UNC Wilmington School of Nursing.

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