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Research Initiatives

College of Health & Human Services Research Initiatives

A table showing of research initiative projects of the College of Health & Human Services.
Principal Investigator(s) Project Title Sponsor Amount

Barbara Lutz, SON

Andrea Jones, SSW

Comprehensive, Multimodal Outcome Assessment after Severe Acute Brain Injury (COMA_SABI) 

University of Washington/National Institutes of Health 


Alexander McDaniel, SHAHS

Lindsey Schroeder, SHAHS

Isometric Neck Strength Assessment Tool: Prototype Mobile Medical Device for Rehabilitation and mTBI Prevention North Carolina Biotechnology Center $110,000
Brent Hawkins, SHAHS Project SOAR Department of Veterans Affairs $194,260
Tiffany Erichsen, CHHS

Leah Mayo, CHHS

Public Health Emergency Response: Cooperative Agreement for Emergency Response Duplin County Health Department/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention $234,140

Narcisa Pricope, Earth and Ocean Sciences

Leah Mayo, CHHS

Joanne Halls, Earth and Ocean Sciences

Green Infrastructure Solutions to Support Flood Mitigation and Adaptation in Coastal Low-Lying Disadvantaged Communities National Aeronautics and Space Administration $159,751

Leah Mayo, CHHS

Megan Toothman, CHHS

Novant-NHRMC Coverdell Stroke Grant Focus Groups Forsyth Medical Center Foundation/North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services $3,500

Diane Parker, SON

CVS Health Foundation FNP/PA Scholarship CVS Health Foundation $4,000

Hayley Estrem, SON 

Symptom Trajectories in Infants and Toddlers at Risk for Chronic Feeding Problems University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/National Institute of Nursing Research $24,674

Angela Sardina, SHAHS

Abigail Kennedy (Graduate Student), SHAHS

Brittany Tingen (Undergraduate Student), SHAHS

Mobile Health and Resource Fairs: Promoting Access to Critical Community Resources to Address Socioeconomic Disparities in Health New Hanover Community Endowment $82,567  
Stephanie Turrise, SON Novant Health New Hanover Barbershop Initiative New Hanover Community Endowment $26,000

Melannie Pate, SHAHS

Kent Guion, SHAHS

Creative Storytelling with Dementia Patients New Hanover Community Endowment $85,825
Helen Yates, SSW A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in an Urban, Post-pandemic Community to Improve Multinational Wellness in a Sample of Young Adults New Hanover Community Endowment $10,206  
Steven Zinder, SHAHS Wilmington Street Medicine (WSM) New Hanover Community Endowment $12,057  

Amelia Huelskamp, SHAHS

Christopher Merica, SHAHS

Nicholas Castro, SHAHS

Jordan Weber, SHAHS

Zachary Long, Biology and Marine Biology

Darin Penneys, Biology and Marine Biology

Mia Aguilar, Biology and Marine Biology

Amy Long, Environmental Sciences

Eric Moore, Environmental Sciences

Developing Healthy Movement Opportunities in New Hanover County Schools New Hanover Community Endowment $46,656  
Noell Rowan, SSW Increasing the Number of Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialists in NC Governors Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse/NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse $15,000  

Hayley Estrem, SON

Matthew Peterson, SON

Longitudinal Follow-up of the Intensive Feeding Program at the Marcus Autism Center Marcus Autism Center $9,684

Tiffany Erichsen, CHHS

Julia Peck, CHHS

Healthy Opportunities Lead Pilot Entity Initiative Community Care of Lower Cape Fear $17,163  

Stephanie Turrise, SON

Carolyn Kleman, SON 

Barbara Lutz, SON

Identifying Factors that Influence Readiness to Engage in Self-Care in Individuals with Heart Failure American Heart Association $153,133
Lindsey Schroeder, SHAHS Tri-County Emergency Planning and Management Event New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation SEAHEC Legacy $13,183 
Tina Newsham, SHAHS Enhancing Health and Well-Being over the Life Course by Promoting Positive Views of Aging among Young Children in the South Southern Gerontological Society $3,000

Tiffany Erichsen, CHHS

Leah Mayo, CHHS

Julia Peck, CHHS

Jenna Dick, CHHS

Public Health Emergency Response: Cooperative Agreement for Emergency Response Duplin County Health Department $234,140  

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