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County Health Priorities

County Health Priorities & Issues

County Bladen (2018) Brunswick (2019) Colombus (2019) Duplin (2018) New Hanover (2019) Onslow (2018) Pender (2018) Robeson (2017) Sampson* (2019)
Priorities Exercise, Nutrition & Weight Substance Misuse Chronic Disease Prevention Chronic Disease Prevention & Management Drug Misuse Exercise, Nutrition & Weight Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders Chronic Disease Access to Health Services
Substance Abuse Access to Health CareChronic Conditions Drug Abuse Prevention Access to Care Chronic Disease Substance Abuse Nutrition & Physical Activity Substance Misuse/Mental Health Diabetes
Maternal, Fetal & Infant Health (New & Emerging Issue) Underlying theme of aging Obesity Disaster Recovery & Mitigation Mental Health Other Chronic Diseases (Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Kidney Disease) Cancer Education & Prevention Social Determinants of Health Economy
Substance Use Environmental Health Exposure Obesity Exercise, Nutrition & Weight
Obesity Heart Disease & Stroke
Prevention & Safety
Respiratory Diseases
Social Environment
Substance Abuse