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Applying as a Transfer Student

Honors Application

Apply as transfer student.

Honors Pathways Details

University Honors for Transfer Students Bridge Honors
Designed for Those with:35 or fewer credit hours and 2-3 remaining general education requirements Transfer students with an associate's degree, more than 35-40 credit hours, OR fewer than 2 general education requirements remaining
Curricular requirements 6 hours of Honors University Studies (e.g., Honors BIO 201, honors ENG 103)

HON 210, 211, or 212 (3 hours)

Two credits of HON 120, 121, or 191

3 hours of Honors electives

Departmental Honors thesis (6 hours)
HON 399 or 191 (1 hour)

Departmental Honors thesis (6 hours)

5-6 hours of Honors seminars (including HON 210, 211, 212, 120, and/or 121)
Total credits required 20 hours 12-13 hours
Medallion Ceremony participation? Yes Yes
Type of honors received on degree University Honors with Honors in (major) ex.: University Honors with Honors in Biology Bridge Honors in (major) ex.: Bridge Honors in Biology

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Best Practices for Applying to Honors as a Transfer Student

  • Honors students must have a GPA of at least 3.3 when they have completed 27 credit hours at UNCW.
  • When students complete 58 credit hours they will need to have a GPA of at least 3.5. Please consider your GPA when making the decision to apply to Honors.
  • UNCW merit scholarships and Honors College scholarships are typically awarded on a rolling basis. Applying earlier will increase your eligibility to receive scholarships. You also need to submit the UNCW Scholarship Application.

Memos of Understanding with Community College Honors Programs

The UNCW Honors College has Memos of Understanding with the honors programs at the schools below, and we will accept honors credit earned in these programs to count toward our own requirements.

If you are a transfer student who previously attended one of the honors programs at these schools, and would like to join the Honors College at UNCW, please contact us by email after receiving an acceptance from UNCW.

You will stay in your current housing if accepted. You will just receive access to honors courses, programs, registration, etc.

Honors class sizes are relatively small. The average size of HON classes was 17 students in the 2018-2019 academic year. Classes ranged from 5 to 20 students. This helps you develop close interactions with the faculty from your very first semester.

Many are also interdisciplinary, giving students the opportunity to approach a topic from several different angles.

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Honors College
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We are located in Randall Library on the second floor, Suite 2006.