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Applying as a First-Year Student

Here's How to Apply as a First-Year Student

Be sure to read the steps below prior to starting your application. Select "YES" after the 3rd step.

There will be the following question on the application when you apply to UNCW through the Common App or CFNC:

  1. Do you have an interest in applying to the UNCW Honors College?
  2. The Honors College provides small classes, creative coursework and high access to global learning, research opportunities and unique programming.
  3. Please visit for more information.
  4. Select "YES." Then submit your UNCW application.

Oops I didn't select YES.

Find out what to do.

You will receive an email from the UNCW Honors College (to your UNCW email inbox -- check your admissions letter for details) with an invitation to submit the supplemental essay.

Please submit the supplemental essay ASAP to receive an admissions decision from the Honors College.

Has it been a few weeks since your acceptance, and you haven't received a message from Honors? Make sure you submit the interest form to indicate your interest in Honors. Once you submit the interest form, you should receive messages from Honors.

For aarly action applicants: Honors College decisions may be rendered as early as mid-January. Early action decisions should all be received on or before March 1. Submitting the supplement essay early will be key to receiving your Honors admissions decision ASAP.

For regular decision applicants: Honors College decisions may be rendered as early as late February. Regular Action decisions should all be received on or before April 1. Submitting the supplement essay early will be key to receiving your Honors admissions decision ASAP.

You will receive an email in your UNCW inbox about your Honors admissions decision, and will also receive a letter in the mail (later). Checking your UNCW email is the most reliable way to keep track of your UNCW Honors admissions decision.

Scholarship offers will usually not be made in the same letter as the Honors acceptance letter. Please continue to monitor your UNCW email inbox to learn about your financial aid package.

The Honors College cannot admit you until after the Office of Admissions has done so. Please hold inquiries about your Honors status until after you've received an acceptance from UNCW and submitted the Honors supplement essay as a checklist item in your application portal.

Please feel free to email us with any questions.

Application Recommendations

Here are the application recommendations for apply to CFNC:

  • Test score submission is optional for first-years entering in Fall 2022
  • This year, the Honors College will more closely focus on GPA, class rank, essays, extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation. Not all students will have test scores
  • UNCW does not require students submit a letter of recommendation, but we highly encourage students interested in the Honors College to do so
  • Standardized test scores will be considered after the other metrics. They will only be considered in cases where the test score is a positive addition to a student's application
  • UNCW merit scholarships and Honors College scholarships are typically awarded on a rolling basis
  • Applying earlier will increase your eligibility to receive scholarships
  • All students must submit the UNCW Scholarship Application to be considered for scholarships, including Honors scholarships
  • The average scores for the incoming honors freshmen of the Fall 2021 cohort were:
    • GPA (weighted): 4.3
    • Average AP classes taken: 3.8
    • Please remember these are averages: honors students had scores both above and below these numbers. The Honors College at UNCW prides itself on a holistic approach to admissions and considers many aspects of candidates