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Sheltering in place for these warnings

To protect students, faculty, and staff at these locations, the UNCW siren will sound the alert tone for a tornado warning affecting any part of New Hanover County. The alert tone will sound every 30 minutes while the warning is active. An all-clear tone will sound when the warning is over.

You may need to shelter in place if hazardous materials have been released into the atmosphere. This precaution keeps you safe by minimizing the exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.  This is not the same thing as sheltering from a storm.  Please monitor your official UNCW Alerts.

When the siren sounds, university officials will post information about the emergency immediately. However, depending on the nature of the emergency, it may take several minutes for information to become available. For this reason, campus community members must remain sheltered until an "all clear" has been issued.

For more information about Active Attacker Preparedness, visit University Police.

Recognize the Sounds

Recognize the Sounds
No Activation Name Tone Type Tone Duration Pre-Recorded Message No of Times to Repeat
1 Emergency Alert Whoop 30 seconds (7 full oscillations), followed by recorded voice; then 17 seconds (4 full oscillations) followed by recorded voice; 3rd cycle same as the 2nd Attention: This is an emergency. Go to a safe location. Play tone and voice message 3 times; 2nd and 3rd cycles are shorter than the 1st
2 All Clear Westminster Chimes 20 seconds (full cycle – hour chime), followed by recorded voice; then 9 seconds (2 phrases – half-past chime), followed by recorded voice Attention: All Clear. This is an all clear message. Play tone and voice message 2 times; 2nd cycle is shorter than the 1st
3 Audible Test Whoop 17 seconds (4 full oscillations), followed by recorded voice; repeat once Attention: This is a test of the Seahawk Siren System. This is only a test. Play tones and message 2 times
3 Audible Test Whoop 17 seconds (4 full oscillations), followed by recorded voice; repeat once


If you have any additional questions or comments about the Seahawk Warning Siren System, contact the UNCW Environmental Health & Safety Department at 910.962.3057 or e-mail Emergency Management.