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Seahawks Advancing Interdisciplinary Learning (SAIL)

Individual Grants Awarded 2023-2024
Large Team Grants Awarded 2023-2026

Digital Literacy

A large group collaboration across three colleges and Randall Library will look at how to create better digital citizens who can critically think about what they see online. This will include courses such as Technical Writing and Applied Behavioral Technology, along with faculty professional development opportunities.

Student working on a iPad.

End-of-Life Education

Faculty in the Gerontology, Philosophy, Psychology, and Respiratory Therapy departments will take an interdisciplinary approach to end-of-life care and decision-making on campus and within the Wilmington community. They will study community needs and work on community engagement projects.

Photograph of a stethoscope.

Critical AI

Faculty across three colleges will collaborate on examining the impact of artificial intelligence in various disciplines. This will include teaching various courses and hosting an array of events and activities, from AI art exhibits to workshops and presentations.

Hand on a computer mouse.

'The Other' in French and Francophone Studies

Through a small-team grant, faculty from the Department of World Languages will take an interdisciplinary approach to French courses looking at aliens in French works of fiction. The courses include ‘Alien Encounters in French Fiction and Cultures’ and ‘Intro to the Francophone World: Cinema of Africa and its Diasporas.’

Chair in the library.