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Space Requests


Follow these instructions to complete Space Request form.

  1. Fill out the space request form (PDF).
  2. Complete each section of the form.
    • Section I: Requestor information.
    • Section II: This request reflects a need for (select and complete all fields that apply).
    • Section III: Duration (pay attention for date formatting).
    • Section IV: Type/Quantity of space needed (select and complete all fields that apply).
    • Section V: Request Details (provide detailed narratives for items 1 - 9).
  3. Save the completed form to your desktop.
  4. Print the form.
  5. Route for required signatures.
    • Note: Although the Request for Space has been signed by the appropriate Vice Chancellor, their signature is authorization for the Space Planning and Allocation Committee to explore the feasibility of your request. Their signature is not a guarantee that the request for space will be granted.
  6. Attach documentation for Section V, items 1 - 9 to the signed form.
  7. Send the completed form to Space Planning and Management by:

Next Steps

Once your request has been received, it will be logged and Space Planning and Management, given an SR# and begin the review process. During this process the requestor may be contacted for additional information and/or documentation.

When the review is complete, the request will be forwarded to the Space Planning and Allocation Committee for their review. Space Planning and Management will work in partnership with the Office of Facilities to obtain an order of magnitude cost estimate - a rough cost estimate. Then, the request will be forwarded to the Executive Cabinet for review and final decision will be made by the Chancellor. The Chancellor will approve or deny all requests for space.

If the request is denied, Space Planning and Management will contact the requestor. If the request is approved, Space Planning and Management will notify the requestor and the Office of Facilities.

Please note that once your Request for Space has been approved, it must follow all design and construction timelines, if applicable. Project Management currently estimates a minimum of eight (8) months for projects requiring design.

Use this form for departmental office moves, including onboarding new hires, transitioning to a different office or vacating an office. In the form, "office" refers to an individual office, shared office, hoteling space or any other UNCW workstation.

  1. The form is located on mySeaport
  2. Click the Employee Essentials tab
  3. Look under the Services & Links on the left
  4. Scroll to “Space Planning: Office Update Form

UNCW Space Allocation Policy 02.135

The purpose of space allocation at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is to support the educational mission and strategic goals of the university in a manner that aids equity, adequacy and productivity.

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