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Interior of Randall Library

Space Utilization

UNCW Space Allocation Policy 02.135

The purpose of space allocation at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is to support the educational mission and strategic goals of the university in a manner that aids equity, adequacy and productivity.

Space Planning Campus Updates

Campus Updates 

King Hall has gone offline until Fall 2024 for renovations with a focus on infrastructure and code improvements, such as HVAC and mechanical as well as ADA and fire system improvements. Most faculty and staff from King Hall have been relocated to R modulars (near Dobo Hall) until renovation is complete. After completion, programmatic changes to the second floor will result in reallocated space to accommodate the Honors College & C-SURF. The Film Studies department will return to the first floor, which will also see improvements and new finishes to public spaces. The Advancement Call Center is being relocated to a shared space in Hoggard Hall. 





Advancement Call Center 

King Hall 212

Hoggard Hall (Rm. 125)

Film Studies 

King Hall 1st floor

 R23 Modular (Rooms 2302-2346)

Pre-Engineering Program

King Hall (Suite 205)

 R22 Modular (2215, 2215A, 2217)

Randall Library Expansion continues to take shape to provide approximately 80,000 square feet of additional space. This project will provide additional student study and collaboration space, seminar rooms, enhanced digital makerspace and faculty commons, and grand reading room and event space. This summer some group study rooms will be offline at different times due to window replacement. Randall Library Auditorium (2047) and one of the Instruction Classroom (1039) will be closed for the summer.


Please reach out to Dr. Andy Mauk, Associate Provost of Institutional Research & Planning if you have questions.






Space Planning and Management provides support, analysis, and accurate space inventory information, aiding campus officials and administrators in making informed business and educational decisions related to space allocation and utilization. Space Planning and Management continues to expand its capability to develop and distribute information about space usage on campus. The space needs of the university can be better served by increasing the awareness of space issues on campus and continuing to bring faculty and staff into the space allocation, utilization, and/or reassignment process. Your role in providing updated and accurate information on a regular basis is critical to ensure the reports and consultation Space Planning and Management provided to campus leadership is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about space related data, please reach out to

 It is important to remind all employees of the Space Allocation Policy for UNCW.  As units plan for future space needs, please consult with Space Planning and Management to ensure your request aligns within the campus space planning process. We are happy to walk with you through this process and even assist you with completing any Space Requests. 

 Please reach out to Dr. Andy Mauk, Associate Provost of Institutional Research & Planning if you have questions.

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