Academic Advising Council

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Committee Information

Social Committee 

The purpose of the Social Committee is to create opportunities for the members to informally meet to dialogue and build relationships across campus.  The events will be open to all members, and may be open to other invited guests based on the goal of the activity. 

Meetings occur on Thursdays in the month of May 2018, contact the Chair, Edye Levin to join the committee.

Technology & Assessment Committee  

The purpose of the committee is to identify the technological needs of academic advisors from across the campus and recommend technological solutions to meet those needs for academic advising at UNCW. The committee will seek out innovative and practical solutions from within UNCW as well as other institutions. Members will identify technologies that assist with advising practices and empower advisors as well as students to make decisions that support personal and academic goals. 

Next meeting is on May 23, 2018, contact Co-Chair, Kristine Hopkins to join the committee. Meetings will be on hiatus until August 2018 after the May meeting.

Advisor Training Committee

The purpose of this committee is to examine campus-wide training for academic advisors. This committee will create a baseline advisor training for new advisors and existing advisors on the campus. This training will be website-based and will be available to all current advisors on campus.

Next meeting will be on August 1, 2019 and meetings will be on hiatus until August 2019 after the May meeting. Contact Leigh Kline to join the committee.

Transfer Student Committee

The purpose of this committee is to examine trends in transfer students and examine future opportunities for growth on the campus in regards to academic advising. This committee will be a collaborative voice concerning transfer student concerns from faculty advisors, professional advisors, students, and staff members.

Contact Jenny Adams to join the committee.