Provost's Messages

Charge Memo for Interim Dean Scatton-Tessier Re: New College Structure

September 6, 2022

Dear Academic Affairs Faculty and Staff,

I hope that you had a great holiday weekend. I am writing to share a charge memo that I distributed to Interim Dean Scatton-Tessier, the CAS Leadership Council, and the faculty and staff in CAS earlier today. This memo charges Michelle to convene the CAS Leadership Council to initiate the first of a two-phase process to develop details for the formation of two new colleges at UNCW. The memo provides important context and background that has led to this charge.

In the near term, I am planning a town hall for members of the CAS community so they can learn more about the charge and ask questions. As we move forward with this process, I will provide more information about opportunities for faculty and staff from across our division to engage.



James J. Winebrake, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
University of North Carolina Wilmington