Provost's Messages

Feb 8, 2021  | SACSCOC and QEP Co-chair Selection Process


UNCW Campus 

FR: James J. Winebrake, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

DT:  7 February 2021 

RE:  SACSCOC and QEP Co-Chair Selection Process 


Every ten yearsthe institution undergoes reaffirmation of its SACSCOC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges) accreditation. This serves as an opportunity to demonstrate the successes of the institution and how they align with the SACSCOC standards. The reaffirmation process includes an internal evaluation of accreditation standards and the development of a comprehensive report regarding our performance on those standards. The process culminates in an on-site visit by SACSCOC. 

Our next on-site visit is scheduled for March 2023. That seems like the distant future; however, given the intensity of the review and reporting process – as well as the vetting of draft reports both internally and externally – we need to begin our internal assessment this semester. (For a tentative flowchart of the SACSCOC/Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) process, click HERE.) Faculty and staff engagement with the process is essential, as the reaffirmation of accreditation is an institutional effort that reaches well beyond the scope of any individual office. Therefore, we are looking forward to working with all the governance bodies and divisions on campus as we move along in this process. 

This communication kicks-off our SACSCOC 10-year reaffirmation process, including the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that happens in tandem. The memo provides information about the process and solicits nominations for two co-chair positions: the SACSCOC Reaffirmation Steering Committee, and the QEP Evaluation and Selection Committee. 

SACSCOC Reaffirmation Process 

We will establish several “standards committees” to collect, discuss, and present information across multiple units in response to SACSCOC reaffirmation guidance. Chairs of these committees comprise the SACSCOC Reaffirmation Steering Committee, which will be led by two co-chairs: Dr. Andy Mauk (appointed by the provost) and one faculty member (to be selected from a slate of nominees as per below). Once the co-chairs are in place, we will provide a more detailed set of guidance to the community on committee membership, deliverables, and timelines. In the meantime, if you would like to read more about the SACSCOC accreditation process, please click HERE 

QEP Process 

We will establish a QEP Evaluation and Selection Committee composed of various campus representatives. The role of the committee is to determine a campus-inclusive process for soliciting, sharing, evaluating, and ultimately recommending a QEP topic to be developed into an institutional plan by March 2023. The committee will be led by two co-chairs: Dr. Carol McNulty (appointed by the provost) and one faculty member (to be selected from a slate of nominees per below). Co-Chairs of the committee will serve as ex officio members of the SACSCOC Steering Committee.

Nomination of Co-Chairs 

Per above, we are soliciting nominations for two leadership positions: (1) Co-Chair of the SACSCOC Steering Committee; and, (2) Co-Chair of the QEP Evaluation and Selection Committee. Each position requires collaborative work with the other committee co-chair to assist in overall project efforts around SACSCOC reaffirmation and QEP selection. All employees holding faculty rank are eligible for nomination and must have the approval of their direct supervisor. Please note these positions require commitment through Spring 2023. Where appropriate, compensation will be provided in the form of stipends and/or course releases, depending on the faculty member’s workplan. The type of compensation will be determined in part by program demands for faculty teaching, and stipend amounts will be determined in relation to time and effort required. We envision that initial effort (this spring/summer) will be a few hours per week, but that will increase throughout AY21-22 and AY22-23. 

All nominations for the two Co-Chair positions are due no later than 5:00 PM on Monday, February 22. Self-nominations are encouraged but not required. If you nominate an individual other than yourself, please ensure that individual is interested in the position.   

  • Nominations for the SACSCOC Reaffirmation Steering Co-Chair should be submitted HERE.
  • Nominations for the QEP Selection Topic Co-Chair should be submitted HERE.


We sincerely appreciate your willingness to consider your contribution to this important work. If you have any questions about the roles or responsibilities of the co-chair positions or about the reaffirmation process, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Andy Mauk (, Associate Provost and the UNCW SACSCOC Liaison. We are committed to maintaining transparency with timely communication throughout the accreditation reaffirmation and QEP processes.