Academic Affairs

Policies/Reports: Web Pages Policy

Revised August 2007
Adopted October 3, 2001

To insure that all websites within the Division of Academic Affairs adhere to the UNCW Web Style Guide and include current and accurate information, the Provost requires the following of all academic units:

  1. All units within the Division of Academic Affairs that maintain websites shall designate an individual to be responsible for the currency, accuracy, and conformation to university policies of the unit website.
  2. This individual shall, through the workshops available on campus, obtain the necessary technological skills to maintain the unit website
  3. The Web Content Coordinator in coordination with the individual responsible for the unit's website shall review all unit websites for currency, accuracy, and conformity at the beginning of each semester.

Revised August 2007
Adopted March 2001

Academic Affairs Web Page Policy and Procedure

Content and maintenance:

The Academic Affairs web pages are maintained by the Web Content Coordinator and contain the following information:

  1. Name, photograph, and job description of the provost, vice provost, vice chancellors, and associate and assistant provosts for Academic Affairs.
  2. Staff and their position title listing and link to webmaster's email address.
  3. Links to web pages for all units reporting to the provost and VCAA and to other pages relevant to Academic Affairs including the Faculty Senate, Faculty Handbook, university catalogues, commencement information, Faculty Awards and Student Handbook.
  4. Descriptions of mentoring programs available for faculty, the faculty development awards booklet, remarks given by the provost at faculty meetings, profiles of new faculty, and other information as needed.
  5. University's logo and address.

Review and revision:

Web pages will be kept current by making necessary changes as they occur, and will be reviewed periodically, but at least at the beginning of each regular semester and summer session, by the Web Content Coordinator:

  1. To ensure that the pages and all links are operational, and
  2. To determine whether or not any change in content, format or appearance is advisable.