Academic Affairs

Policies/Reports: Guidelines for Review of Academic Deans At UNC Wilmington Policy

  1. Academic deans hold "employment at will" appointments.
  2. Deans are evaluated annually by the provost. The dean will submit a one to two page summary of accomplishments and challenges to the provost in late spring. At the end of every spring semester, each member of the faculty is asked to evaluate the faculty member's academic dean. A multi-item instrument called Faculty Perceptions of Administrative Performance has been used for this purpose since April 1989. The provost will use these and other sources deemed necessary to conduct an annual evaluation of the dean's performance.
  3. At the end of four years of service as dean, the Provost shall establish a committee consisting of the following (for the Dean of the Graduate School & Research, committee composition and procedures are in parentheses):

a.Two faculty members elected by the faculty of the college or school(Twograduatefacultymembersfromdepartments/units with graduate programs)

b.One department chair (from a department with a graduate program) elected by the chairs of the college or school

c.Onefacultymemberappointedbytheprovostinconsulta- tionwith the president of the faculty senate

d.One faculty member from outside the college or school (Onegraduate faculty member from a department/unit that does not have a graduate program) appointed by the provost in consultation withthe president of the faculty senate

  1. The purpose of the committee is to serve as a conduit and organizing mechanism for feedback concerning the dean from the faculty and staff under his or her supervision; it shall not serve as a body to recommend any course of action relative to the dean's appointment or continuation. The committee will be accountable to only the Provost, and its work should be completed within a three-week period.

    a.The committee shall meet initially with the provost to receive instructions for the review.

    b.The committee shall meet next with the dean under review to discuss his or her goals for the college or school and leadership style and to obtain other relevant information, such as a list of initiatives developed by the dean during his or her term

    c.The committee shall conduct individual interviews with each department chair (that has graduate programs) and (each) faculty administrator who reports directly to the dean under review, and may include assistant deans, associate deans, directors, (Graduate Council,) and (graduate) coordinators.

    d.The committee shall provide mechanisms for individual input from (graduate) faculty and staff within the dean's college or school and from the dean's office staff. In addition, the committee may also make use of general information-gathering mechanisms in keeping with state law or regulations on personnel matters.

    e.A final written report of the review committee will be submitted to the Provost, who may then meet with the committee to discuss any issues that require elaboration or clarification.

  1. The provost may conduct interviews with other university officers, including deans and vice chancellors who interact with the dean under review, and prepare a written summation of those interviews.
  2. The provost shall meet with the dean under review to discuss the recommendation which he will submit in writing to the chancellor. The dean will be provided three working days to respond in writing to the provost's recommendation.
  3. The provost shall submit copies of the review reports, along with his or her written recommendation and the dean's response, to the chancellor for review and action. These documents shall become a confidential part of the dean's personnel file.
  4. An extensive review of a dean similar to the one conducted at the end of the fourth year may be conducted at anytime at the initiation of the chancellor and/or the provost should the situation warrant such a review.
Adopted: May 2007
Revised: December 2009