Academic Affairs

Pass-Fail Course & Program Exemptions Announced

April 9, 2020

Dear Faculty & Students:

Academic Affairs is now able to make available to students and advisors a final list of the few courses and programs exempted from the Pass/Fail grading adjustments recently announced. Please click here to see that list.

Except for those students in the listed courses, students who select a grade of “Pass” in any UNCW Update Graphicspring 2020 course will continue to meet all prerequisite, major, or program admission requirements associated with letter grades in the catalog. Questions about particular courses, exemptions or requirements should be directed to academic advisors. Remember, all courses will be graded as usual, but students will be given the option to replace an assigned grade with a “Pass,” where the student has achieved at least a D- in an unexempted undergraduate course and at least a C in an unexempted graduate course.

Specific process directions for making this choice, along with further guidance, will be coming soon. We continue to encourage all students to do their best to excel in their spring 2020 courses, and to communicate with faculty when they have questions about expectations or challenges they are facing in our reformatted courses. Thank you for your continued efforts to have a successful semester.

Office of the Registrar