Academic Affairs

Policies/Reports: Off-Campus Student Advising Policy

The College and the professional schools must develop policies that insure that students in degree programs offered via distance learning receive academic advising of the same quality received by students in degree programs on campus. To insure that parity in advising for campus and distance degree program students is achieved, the College and the professional schools shall develop advising policies that meet the following criteria:

  1. The College and professional schools will designate a faculty member responsible for advising in all distance education degree programs, including degree programs offered via the Internet.
  2. The number of advisees per advisor in distance degree programs shall be the same as that in campus programs
  3. The qualifications of advisors in distance degree programs shall be the same as those possessed by advisors on campus.
  4. Although student access to advisors in distance education programs may be provided by avariety of means, including information technology, access to advisors for students in distance education degree programs must be equal to that provided for campus students.